Wednesday, July 17, 2013

                        Blues vs Chiefs

It was a cold night, during the game Blue vs Chiefs. The crowd goes wild cheering and supporting their teams while the Chiefs and the Blues came out of their changing rooms for the game. There were noises, laughter and happiness when the two teams ran out. “Go the blues”, shouted the one on the left corner of the camera. “Here comes the players and ready to play a good game today”, spoked the commentator. It is 0 points to 0 scores of the game and I think they are ready to play.

                                   The Game Begins

The teams are nervously warming up for the game. They are both getting into a huddle and making a plan. Both teams huddled in two groups ready to play. Then after they were finished the captain of the blues team picked up the ball and kicked it of. The blues team chased after the ball and tackled one of the Chiefs players. They played the ball and the dummy half picked it up and passed it to the side. “Run Run” I yelled as they passed the ball along. Running till the end the blues team bumped of the Chiefs and scored a try. As they scored a try the kicker of the team kicked it off in the goal. The referee put it’s flags up saying it was a goal. They cheered off as the other team dropped kicked it to the Blues.

                                    Half Time

It is 5 to 0 points of the game and now it is half time. The teams went in a huddle again and prepared another plan for their teams to win. RESTING TIME!!!! After a While . . . . . . . . . . . . .
As there were little things going on me and my dad went to get some popcorn. We picked butter popcorn. It was a nice time. We came back and they finished in time we came back from the shops.

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