Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Holiday

Intro: Hi I'm going to write about my holiday, excited to go on a trip. This is my holiday story and I will tell you the different things I've been threw. In my holiday I went to play some mini pool table with my dad. I was really excited and happy. I woke up in the morning at 8:30 am and jumping up and down feeling so happy. Then I realized it was time to go. “Come on”, yelled my dad as I hopped in the car and driving off to the cafe.

                                            The Car Ride
After a while it was time to go riding off to the cafe it got really boring. It was 5 hours until we got there. I was exhausted and bored. Then we caught up with some car washers on the street washing every window on the car and then the green light on the traffic light turned green. off we went driving away to the cafe.. At last we arrived at the cafe running inside trying to get a pool table spot.

                                                                   The Game Begins

Then I spotted one that had no players on.As soon we were there we saw a lot of players playing around with the pool table balls. Grabbing the cue I placed the eight balls on the ends and put it on the triangular shaped to place it in. My dad started the game and then he had nothing in so I shot anywhere and got the 6th ball in the hole. THE GAME CONTINUED WITH MY DAD WINNING.

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