Friday, March 20, 2015

Polyfest Trip Writing

On a Thursday 19th March, our intermediate classes have been visiting the Polyfest for this terms   trip. It was a pleasure visiting the Polyfest because I had great fun and I also got to see every Polynesia stages.

A lady named Cealsea introduced her self and led us to some fun and new activities. After a while   we went to visit some shops and got free stuff.

Later on that day, we went over to the Maori stage and watched them for a little while until the buses arrived. It was time to go back to school so I packed up all my belongings and entered the bus.

Monday, March 16, 2015

My Visual Mihi Project

In the beginning of the term, our intermediate classes has been creating visual mihi's. A visual mihi is a project or drawings of your self and things that you enjoy and things that are important to you. Here is my visual mihi artwork. On the top left corner, you can see a Samoan flag, that represents my culture. On the top right corner... you can see a big drawing of a soccer ball and that represents my favourite sport that I enjoy playing. You also can see that there is a cross on the bottom right corner, that represents my Christianity... then on the bottom left corner, there is a Minecraft logo with a grass block behind it and that is my favourite video game I love to play. Last of all you can see a tiny portrait of my self right in the middle. Thank you if you enjoyed this tour of my visual mihi.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Recount Writing

Recount Writing-

Well hello there, In this story I will be writing a recount about my fun and good excursions I've been too with my amazing family. And I will also explain to you what it felt like and what we did!

Droop, droop, droop. The light of the sun shone brightly through my bedroom curtains making my eyes wound. The cold light rain hurtled down towards the window heading towards a rusty old plant thirsting for some water. Without hesitation, I eventually leaped out of my bed and headed over to the living room. As soon as I reached half way through the living room, the smell of waffle pancakes filled my nostrils.

Just then, I saw Mum in front of the oven holding a spatula. “Morning......Mum”, I yawned as I grabbed a chair and had a seat. “Good morning sweetheart, are you hungry?”, she asked. “Yes, I am starving,” I chirped. She chuckled and placed some waffle pancakes onto an old fashioned plate. “Mmm smells delicious”, I mumbled. “Now eat up  while I go and wake up the rest because we are going on an excursion to the cinemas”, Mum said. I nodded and started digging into my scrumptious breakfast.

As soon as I had finished eating my breakfast, I trudged through my bedroom and into my wardrobe and scampered beneath some dirty clothes until I found my black and blue shorts, a white plain old shirt and my very old black and green shoes. Beep, beep, beep ,beep as I noticed it was time to go. I quickly ran through my bedroom door and went towards the car trying to beat my siblings as I wanted to sit in the front seat. Off we went to the cinemas.

My hand gripped the railing of the escalator, lower we went towards the over sized Events Cinemas, I quickly made a dash for the counter as I was so excited to purchase my tickets to see The Maze Runner. “Hey there, what could I get you today?” said the girl in her squeaky annoying voice. “I would like to see the Maze Runner if you insist” I replied. “Sure thing. Here are your tickets.” she said, as I leaned over to grab them. “Thank you ma'am” I replied excitedly. I walked into the entry as I was really excited to watch Hunger Games- The Mocking jay.

Using Commas Writing Activity

Using commas

The fish and chips, which Mum had picked up on her way home from town, tasted delicious.

In the sentence above, the words in between the two commas give us extra information.  These words could be left out and the sentence would still make sense.

In the story below there are some groups of words that give extra information.  Your task is to put commas (,) around the extra information.  The first pair of commas has been put in for you.

As soon as the bell rang Rawiri, who couldn’t wait to read his new comic book, raced out the door.   When he got home, he found to his surprise a police car parked in the driveway. Rawiri’s mother, who had been out shopping, had arrived home to find the bathroom window smashed and many of their belongings missing.  Their house had been burgled.  Rawiri couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw the state of his room.  His comic books which he’d left neatly stacked, were scattered all over the floor.  His piggy bank in which he’d put most of his pocket money, had been smashed and left lying in pieces on the floor.  But the worst thing of all was that, his rugby ball the one signed by Jonah Lomu was gone.  Rawiri sat down and cried.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Inference Chart- Penny Walk

It Says – I Say – And So…

Name: Vaifoa

The following graphic organizer helps you to find information in a text and put it together with what you already know to come up with a complete answer.

It says...
I say...
Which of the girls is the most adventurous?

Taking chances like that was a real Hazel thing to do.

People who takes chances are  more adventurous
Hazel is the most adventurous.
What were the girls feeling inside the butchers.

The girls yelped and grabbed each other. They stood still, hearts thudding, not making a sound.
Staying still or not making a sound means that people are frightened.
The girls are feeling scared.
Do you think the cat was a wild cat?

Louisa went up to the cat and tickled it behind the ears.
A wild cat will never let people tickle them behind the ears or pick it up.
The cat isn’t wild.