Monday, March 9, 2015

Inference Chart- Penny Walk

It Says – I Say – And So…

Name: Vaifoa

The following graphic organizer helps you to find information in a text and put it together with what you already know to come up with a complete answer.

It says...
I say...
Which of the girls is the most adventurous?

Taking chances like that was a real Hazel thing to do.

People who takes chances are  more adventurous
Hazel is the most adventurous.
What were the girls feeling inside the butchers.

The girls yelped and grabbed each other. They stood still, hearts thudding, not making a sound.
Staying still or not making a sound means that people are frightened.
The girls are feeling scared.
Do you think the cat was a wild cat?

Louisa went up to the cat and tickled it behind the ears.
A wild cat will never let people tickle them behind the ears or pick it up.
The cat isn’t wild.

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