Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspire A Generation

My poster design is about the London Olympics 2012. The first thing we had to do was

to go to the website called London to look for some poster design so we can get ideas from it. Some looked really old but interesting and the title was Inspire a generation. Finally we had to sketch our posters well and we had to concentrate on it. We all done different designs but they all looked Amazing!!! My sport was water polo. But my favourite drawing was the London bridge and the england flag. Now it was time to dye our design and make it different colour’s. The colour’s looked amazing on it. Everyones drawing was cool. There were a lot of colours to pick.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One sunny day Pt. England school had cross country. First we went to get change into our coloured shirts. Our house captain was Starford. We had to drink a lot of water and ate a little bit of food before we went to the start.

It was time to start running. I was really nervous. “On your marks get set GO”!!! said Mr Burt as we all started running. It was really muddy on the way. It was making me slow down but I started to sprint to the front past the bush, walked onto the bridge. As I was up to the muddy puddles I began to feel tired so I slow down for a minute and then began to sprint again. I started to see four people coming past me But I didn’t give up. I was jogging fast. I felt exhausted and lazy.

There were a lot of broken bridges all over the place it was dangerous. I was almost there as I heard the crowd shouting. I was happy. After all that I was huffing and puffing till the end. I was really proud of myself and really tired.

That was fun. It was Amazing!!! I felt really happy about it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


On a hot sunny day, room 15 and Mr Marks had been cooking sizzling sausages this week. First we started chopping some onions. I watched some kids crying when they chopped it. It was fun!!!

Next Mr Marks began to use the onions and the sausages to put it on the grill. We can all smell the delicious and crispy sausages coming out of it. There were stacks of logs sitting on the top and it looks yummy. The onions was cooked too it was like that it was burnt.

We waited impatiently and anticipation. After waiting, Mr Marks told us to grab one napkin and get one piece of cut bread. Next we went and get our delicious sausages and then we waited for our onions and tomato sauce or BBQ sauce. It tasted really good with it .

My favourite part was chopping the onions and waited for the sausages. I saw my friend Faaiua crying and crying but he didn't gave up he went to put water on his eyes so it can get of.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Room fifteen are doing basketball for the next eight weeks and we have coaches. Their names were Brooke and Tye. They told us all about basketball skills and tricks that we had to learn. Sometimes it can be really hard for people or it can be a lot easy for most people. Tye helped us with some new basketball techniques. We learned the Jump Stop and the Jump stop pass. It was really easy to learn. Some people struggled to do it but I know that everyone can do it.

After all that tiring techniques we started doing some passings and throwing. I was really tired doing it again. That was really tiring but it was a lot of fun doing the amazing basketball skills with our coaches. I thought it was a little bit hard but I found out it was easy to do. That was a lot of fun training with our coaches. After doing training we said “goodbye” to our coaches and then we went home. I wanted to do it again but maybe next week. It was pretty FUN!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


On Friday afternoon rooms 13,14,15,16 and 17 were doing cross country training.

As we started I ran to the breeze. The breeze were congested by hungry bees trying to come first in a race. My legs were sore and my body lost energy. I couldn’t run anymore but I didn't give up so I sprinted passed Mr Sommerville back to Miss King and went back to the school’s court.

I really hated running too far from school because I hate running. I was too lazy to run again so I tryed to catch my breath and had a little break from running and started walking on the edges of the courts. After that Mr Marks shouted us to do our stretches to strengthen our body.

I had a exhausted time cross country.