Thursday, November 24, 2011


Waiting for my turn I was burned from the sun
I wanted to jump it was such fun .
Today I want to play
out side at athletics day
Down the track I started to run .

Friday, November 18, 2011


“Ohh I don’t want to go up the hill. ” Too tired to walk up. Drink, drink I need to have some water. “Yay!” I made it up the top, I am still thirsty.Strolling at the bottom I was rolling down. Dangerously I fell. Does anyone have any water left?

King Kong and Slug

Stupid king Kong was knowingly embarrassing him self. Knowingly stupid king Kong embarrassed his family. Embarrassing himself knowingly, king Kong could not climb up the mountains. King Kong was so stupid that he was knowingly embarrassed.

The creepy slug unfortunately attempted to give people nightmares. Unfortunately creepy slug attempted to scare Iisa. Attempting to give Iisa a heart attack, the creepy slug unfortunately to ended up in preson.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fire works

Coloured fire works ooooo!!! that’s awesome. Fire works are like rockets but they blow up when its on top of the sky, no fire works can zoom to the moon it dose’nt have that enough gas in it ether. They keep going fast they couldn’t stop there engines. Wooohoooo I was excited to see it flying in the air. They looked like comets too.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice cream comets

Room 13 made comets with ice cream cones crackers and sprinkles for the rocks.

“Quick quick I need a cone, it’s icy and cold. Ahhhhhh that's nice. Thank you Whaea Janeille.”
Whaea Janeille is our teacher that helps us to put the cone on our ice cream and she also got a tissue for our dirty hands.

Sprinkles, I like sprinkles they are colourful like a rainbow. Yucky and sticky, I am shaking from the cold.

Crunch crunch, crunch that was a delicious ice cream. “Can I have another one?” I shouted. But I did’t want it to put it my hands again.

Dusty rocks and gas were super nice and cold. They looked like realistic comets. I was licking my lips as I finished my comet.

It was a good day with cold ice cream comets. “Awesome’’ I was felting excited with the ice cream cone because it was yummy. Having left over sprinkles I was eating ice cream with alot of sprinkles on it as well. We spend our whole after noon eating ice cream too. My stomach was giggling like it was jelly in side it. The cone was delicious

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out of this world

Awesome, we are learning about space !!! so cool

On Tuesday when school started we were at the hall and Mr Burt Introduce our topic for this term. Also Mr Burt told us about Maui ‘s great great great Grandma when they came to New Zealand where we live right now.

My favourite Item was team two their rap was a great rap and its lovely. It was so perfect that they danced In the front of us. Their rap was about space like the sun and other planets.

This year I want to learn more about astronauts and how they fly in space and they can put their plate stuck on them. The planet I liked Is the Sun and Earth. Alot of people always go out of this world to have fun and to learn more about space too.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alien snot

Squishy, this alien snot is stinky and yuck. Room thirteen made alien snot on Monday.

Making alien snot is not that hard, we just put corn flour making it hard was water. Mixing was the part of it to and squshing. A little bit of green colored food in to it as well. yummy it looked like food but it was alien snot gggg!!!

Slimy and yucky I was picking it up with my hands it felt like jelly with green stuff on it. It was so looking slimy but hard.

All the gooey things went every where in the room, we needed to clean our hands in the tap but it still didn't went of my hands. Messythe class room is so green around.