Friday, October 28, 2011

left off

Legs shaking as I nervously went in to the rocket I wished I could make it through. Countdown to ignition as lift off of my space shuttle begins.

Flying straight with alot of power, the rocket was shattering and shudder as it flew along. We left trails of smoke on the way. It a dangerous mission to go on a rocket with cracks.

We were just minutes from the moon. Flaming trails were bursting like balloons in the air. The rocket was reaching towards space in a hurry. We left the clouds far below us. Finally up space we saw many planets and the moon. Mission completed!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thinking Hats

YELLOW HAT: I have enjoy AFL because it fun and cool. I cool because there are skills and allot of fun.

BLACK HAT: Also I didn’t enjoy doing writing because there are lots to spell and do.

WHITE HAT: I learned from the computer because it makes you learn better.

RED HAT: I feel fantastic of all the things I do in work.

GREEN HAT: What I found that more interesting is that my class is great.

BLUE HAT: I help my learning so I can learn more about it.


I'm a champion at drawing on the computer. I am a champion because I have learnt art in every class I go to. It is great be an artist in schools.

Sonny Bill Williams

Bravely, Sonny Bill Williams picked up the ball and sprinted down the try line. Running from the end of the field Sonny Bill drop kicked to the opposite side. It was a hard day for him to play.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Playing for the trophy, the Warriors were playing against the Sea Eagles. The warriors had super speed as they dived over the try line. They had a big desire to win it but they couldn’t do it however I will still support them.

The Sea Eagles were trying to go passed the defence but they couldn't make it to the try line. They still had more tries then the Warriors. Our Warriors are pretty fast. One of their players tackled and sidestep and passed it to their team mate to score a try.

The team were so nervous and did their best. They were so tired at half time they needed to rest to play the game.

It was game over for the Warriors, the Sea Eagles had won. Happy time for the Sea Eagles. Maybe next time the warriors will lift up the trophy.