Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Holiday

Easter Holiday

“Zzzzzzz”, it was 9:12 Am in the morning I woke up with a big stretch. I slipped out of bed and suddenly remembered it was a easter holiday. I jumped out of bed and rushed to my closet and get something cosy to wear. “Knock, knock,” the door banged. I opened the door and saw my little sister coming in she was eating an easter egg. So I ran in the front and, my mom was already dressed. I was excited.

                                                    Car Ride
“I'm bored”, I mumbled to my mom and then she turned on some music. So I listened to the music and slept for a while.
“Wake up, wake up”, said mom. “Are we there yet”, I asked quietly. “Yes” she replied. “Yay”, I shouted. “Where are we going to?” I said. “The warehouse” she replied. I went in and saw a lot of chocolate easter eggs. Wow!!!. “Can we get some”, I said to my mom. “Of course”, said mom. “Yay”, I said. “let’s get this one”, I said. Now we need to go to the cashier. “That will be $10”, said the cashier. We walked in the car and suddenly went home after that, and ate the giant easter egg.

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