Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Reflection

Over about the last couple of days using netbooks I have learnt many things from my teacher like writing stories on Google Drive/Docs, posting your creativity work on Blogger sharing your learning with each other and the world! It has helped me a lot this year......

When it comes to maths my teacher Mr. S helps me solve maths problems and also signs me up for a learning site, (Xtramath and Maths Whizz). I really love my basic facts! Every day we had to do Xtramath. It takes about 5 mins to finish your daily Xtramath! Maths whizz is like the same but we do it for 20 mins every day and it shows you on maths whizz teacher dashboard what you have improved!

Me and my classmates had discovered a learning tool. We thought it would be a good idea hopping into Mine craft and build many things for our learning. It was about term 2 and 3 we have been using Mine craft as our learning tool! For the topic in term 3 was Myths,Legends and Fables. We had to create buildings of temples or some fairy tale characters.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pokemon Vortex v2 Tours!

Writing Version!!!

Pokemon Vortex v2 Tours:

Once you first start Pokemon Vortex, you get to pick a sprite(A person or someone) and you get to pick a starter Pokemon. Pick any but I suggest you get Snivy The best pokemons are down the bottom..
Your Pokémon can evolve. For example, look at this evolution chart.


To get legendaries, you need to get 3 badges and they are from beating the battle frontiers and all the gyms. It probably takes about 30 to 50 minutes.

Once you get the three badges, you can get legendaries like...... Arceus and Rayquaza. Arceus is on the front slide, and here is Rayquaza.


It was already explained, but here’s the longer answer. By defeating battle frontiers and all the gyms, you get badges. By getting 3 badges, you can get legendaries.

Mew two:

Mew two and Arceus is the strongest Pokémon. He was a man made Pokémon.
Mew two is a psychic Pokémon. It is the final boss in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Right after that, it gained levels of power, forcing the player to fight it twice.


Pikachu is an electric type Pokémon. Pikachu is famous for being the most well-known and recognizable Pokémon in Generations I-V. Over the past years, Pikachu has become so popular that it serves as the Pokémon franchise mascot. In 1998, it became a Version Mascot for the game Pokémon Yellow. In the anime, Ash's Pikachu has extremely strong powers, this is the reason Team Rocket is after it.

Pokemon Vortex-Maps:

Grass Maps:   Cave Maps:

Fire Maps:  Ice Maps:

Ghost Maps:   Electric Maps:

What's the difference between Normal, Shiny, Dark, Ancient and Mystic Pokémon?

Shiny Pokémon have 25% more HP than Normal Pokémon and Dark Pokémon do 25% more damage than Normal Pokémon. Mystic Pokémon have a chance to scare the defending Pokémon whenever they attack (scarring is another status effect). Ancient Pokémon have 25% more defence than Normal Pokemon.

                         Thanks For Watching!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yr 6 Camp Kawau Island

Next week I am off to Kawau island for the Yr 6 Camp. The activities are: Abseiling,Burma Trail,Swimming,Kayaking. I am really looking forward to the food and the wharf jumping many things I am looking forward to.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Horse Trekking Retell

Neisha Woodward lives in a remote area. Neisha is a young teenager and she has a job. She helps her mother with the family horse-trekking. Jane Buxton asks Neisha some difficult questions about her work. JANE. You're far away from any kinds of cities and towns. It’s a
beautiful place,but don’t you think that you’re isolated from the rest of the world. NEISHA. Not at all,its like the world visits us here.

JANE. How does your day begin? Neisha. Uh-mm well I start by doing my Correspondence School work. Also Dad helps me and my sister with that. After our lunch break, I jump on my little pony,bright coloured red, and ride up to the horse yards. I sometimes help my Mum with the afternoon trek. I help Mum by getting the horses in , brush them,and clean their feet out. Mum puts the saddles and bridles on.

JANE. Do you go on the trek, too?
NEISHA. Yes. It’s my job to talk to anyone who is a bit nervous. I show them where the old hotel used to stand and where the fantails are nesting as well.

I point out the tailings. Tailings are the heaps of stone left by gold miners and I tell them the story of the gold miner who moved a large rock in the river and found a fortune of gold. As soon they’re talking and laughing. They forget they’re sitting on a horse. Its also my job to shut the gates. Mum opens them, and shut them behind us.
JANE. How long is this ride? Where do you go?
NEISHA. I don’t know how many kilometres it is,exactly,but we go for three hours. There are several different rides we take people on. Some are quite steep. Some have beautiful views from the hilltops. On some rides, we go through native bush and,if we sit quietly, the robins come around us.

We have to cross rivers on some of the rides. That’s the part the trekkers get most excited about. They’re sure they’re going to fall off in the river. They think they’re get swept away, but they never do. They scream if they get their boots splashed. But they don’t think about me riding behind them. My little pony has ultra-short legs, and I get soaked!

JANE. Do you stop for a rest on the way?

NEISHA. We stop for a afternoon tea under some bushes and trees. Usually we stop by the river or somewhere with a good view. I light the thermette. When the water has boiled, I make the tea. Mum ties up the horses on some near fences or trees so they can have their own tea, too!

JANE. With so many people coming through, you must have some stories to tell.
NEISHA. Yes, some funny things happen. We had a couple who were on their honeymoon. They insisted holding hands while they rode along. Their horses walked one each side of a tree! They looked very surprised. Even they laughed!

Another two girls spent the whole time picking up horse hair off themselves. It was spring, you see. The horses were losing their winter coats. The girls never looked up at the views as they rode along. They just picked off horse hair. When we stopped for lunch, the horses were itchy. They rubbed their heads on the girls, and the girls had to start picking off hair all over again!
Another girl was nervous. She squealed every time her horse took a step. After half an hour, she lost her voice. ...............

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Docking Day Retell

Auntie Mollie opened up the curtains of me and Mikey. It was an early morning. There were stars with a half moon still in the sky from last night. I made sure we were packed because it was Docking Day. “Why do we have to cut off their tales”?, I asked Uncle. “It keeps them clean and keeps flies laying eggs”, he replied. So we packed our, picnic food-(basket), a sack.
Louder and Louder the sheep came rushing in their yards. Lost lambs, worried mothers looking for each other. We yelled at the slow ones at the back to hurry up! “Last year our aunties baked us pies, bread,cake”, we said resting under a tree. “We’ll when we are done with our day we will get some deserts”, they promised us.  

Writing Narrative About Farming

INTRO: Rachel & John are teen twins. Their Mother & Father owned a farm that was well looked after by Rachel & John. Rachel and John’s Mother (Bridget) and Father (Terry) died many years ago. A mysterious person or wild creature killed them. Is Rachel and John gonna survive or not?

We were driving down the dry road looking for the nearest gasoline. There was a truck in front of us, it was so slow. I suddenly cut right in front of him and drove as fast as I could. *HONK HONK* the truck beeped its horn and went in front of us again. “Whats his problem?”,I asked. “I think we made him mad ”,Rachel replied. I speeded past him and he still won’t stop. He Honked again *HONK HONK* and came back in the lead. “He’s got to be kidding me”,I yelled. *HONK HONK*

I drove back in the front of him again then he started to slow down. I speeded over the hills and suddenly something bumped us behind the boot. It was that truck again. “C’mon what does he want”, I said. I looked at the back he was still behind us. “John......John....... John?,”Rachel mumbled. “What? He’s speeding up”.


His horn went louder and louder. “John just pull over now,”Rachel demanded. “If I pull over now he will bump the boot again”,I replied. “Pull over NOW!”,she anxiously yelled. “OK,”I replied. I stopped the car near some bushes and twigs. we waited a bit and Rachel opened the door and and went outside. “What are you doing”,I yelled at Rachel. “I am going to talk to him,”You’ll get hurt,I mumbled. She opened the trucks door suddenly the man in the truck quickly slammed the door and Rachel fell on the ground. “Shoot Rachel Get back in here!,”I asked. “Im fine,”Rachel replied. Rachel went back in the car and waited.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Test (Farming)

I trudged over soft stone bricks and heard the song of chirping birds filled the sky. I glanced at a mysterious shed through a bush. A smell of dirty garbage went in my nose as I jumped over a sharp top fence. I saw a sign that said (NO ENTRY!). “Don’t enter,”I heard something whispering in my ear. “Should I enter”, as I whispered in my head. Suddenly I saw a shadow running across but no one was there. I shouted ,“Is anybody in here.” Nothing responded back. I was seeing cracked walls and a lot of tools in a cabin that was opened. I slipped over a puddle that looked very different and as I touched it I realised it was red-blood. I pulled out my hand and flicked the blood off. “Yuck,”I yelled and heard the echo of my voice.

As I went farer through the shed it got darker and darker till I saw nothing. “Help help,”I called out but no one could hear me. I took one more step and suddenly I fell into something. “Ouch,”I screamed. My leg was caught in a net. I still couldn't see anything. Nothing at all. “Help,”I called out again and still no respond. I stood up and lifted my hands up finding my way out.

Finally I found a bright light shiny in my eyes. I trembled over to the light and it was still far away. When I got there I realised it wasn't light it was just a clock reflecting the torch on the ground. I picked up the torch and went looking for my way out. “Yes,”I yelled as I found a window. I cracked it and jumped out running out.

Conclusion: I finally made it out the creepy shed but..... I still did not know who was watching me. Something really weird was going on! Ahhhhh

The Year's Of Minecraft! (Presentation)

Hi There, this is a presentation that the MINECRAFT-X-perts have made for free blog writing. We had fun making this:) xD

Thursday, October 31, 2013

(Roller Coaster Narrative Writing)

INTRO: My clock beeped as it was 6:00AM I woke up seeing a bright light shining in my eyes. I flicked off my blanket, hopped out of my bed and slightly opened up the curtains. My sister Darcy was still asleep so then I shaked her bed and tipped her over. “ Ahhh!”, my sister screamed and pushed me. “Good Morning, hahaha”, I laughed. “Not funny”, she replied as I lift her up.


I headed over to the kitchen and placed a bowl with a spoon on the table and got out some Crunchy Cornflakes. I poured it in the bowl, opened up some juicy milk, tipped it in my Cornflakes. “Yum”, I mumbled with my mouth stuffed. “Where’s my breakfast”, Darcy asked. “Get it your own”, I giggled.


“What are we going to do this weekends Darcy?”, I asked . “I wanna go to Disney Land in the roller coaster”, she replied begging. “Fine to me”, I said putting on my shoes and jacket. Darcy was in the mirror brushing her hair. I asked her, “You wanna drive? Sure hand me the keys. I threw her the keys and went in the car.


Driving down the car lot looking for a spot to park the car. “There over there”, I yelled pointing at a empty car park next to a black car. “Thanks”, as Darcy parked the car. I ran outside looking at a amazing view. “Wow this is cool”,I yelled.  Darcy handed out some cash to the ticket person and got two tickets. “Thanks have a good day!”, the ticket person shouted. “ OK lets have fun!”,Darcy said.


Darcy hand the tickets to the ticket collector and went inside the cart. I hopped in with her. 7.....6......5......4.....3.....2.....1.... as the ticket collector pulled the lever on the right and the carts started moving. “Wooohhhhhh!!!”,I shouted and suddenly i heard something creep. “You hear that?”, I asked Darcy. “Yes what's going on? “I heard something creep”,I replied. The creep went louder and louder until it stopped.



“That was weird!”,I whispered.  We were stuck on top of the world trying to get down. I tried pushing the cart so it would go down but it would crack more. So then I looked inside my sisters purse and got out some tape. I climbed down carefully and in a sudden I saw something that was cracked. I quickly taped it together and pulled them. “I fixed it”,I yelled. I went back on top with Darcy and slowly the roller coaster started to move again. We went back down safely.

My Paragraph Rubric------>

Monday, October 21, 2013

Visiting My Cousins

In the weekends, on saturday night I visited my aunty. It was my cousins birthday. We had tones of fun! My mum helped with the cooking while we played on my Laptop. "Dinner is ready!", my mum yelled. We rushed to the kitchen and prepared our plates, getting ready to eat. Aunt Rachael, placed a plate with barbecued chickens and sausages on them. My mom prepared us some KFC and chicken nibbles. It looked so delicious. "Dig in", mum said. We helped our selves, stuffing pieces of chicken in our mouths. "Mmmmm", as I finished with my piece of chicken.

"Dessert time!", My aunt yelled. My brother and sister also cousins all rushed up to get their yummy desserts. I grabbed a cone and dipped in the ice cream. "Yum", I mumbled while eating my ice cream. I also grabbed one piece of chocolate cake with  lot of fillings on it. Strawberries all over my cake with nice chocolate flavour.

Picture Activity!

In term 4 we are learning about what in the world is going on and our three classes  are investigating about farming. My group (Taramus) are matching pictures with another picture that look similar to the other. Matching the pictures is very difficult because some of them look like animals that do not live in farms, but then when you look up close to them you will find out what it is.

Here are the pictures below we have put together------->

Docking Day Retell!

Auntie Mollie opened up the curtains of me and Mikey. It was an early morning. There were stars with a half moon still in the sky from last night. I made sure we were packed because it was Docking Day. “Why do we have to cut off their tales”?, I asked Uncle. “It keeps them clean and keeps flies laying eggs”, he replied. So we packed our, picnic food-(basket), a sack.

Louder and Louder the sheeps came rushing in their yards. Lost lambs, worried mothers looking for each other. We yelled at the slow ones at the back to hurry up! “Last year our aunties baked us pies, bread,cake”, we said resting under a tree. “We’ll when we are done with our day we will get some deserts”, they promised us.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Maths Problem's

Here is a movie I made about my maths skills. I've been learning to (Solve Addition Problems With A Decimal Point)!!! Also here is a Picture of my Wordle Down Here About my best skills I have in maths-------->

If You Have seen my educreations movie, thank you! Leave some feed back on my blog!!!! 

Watching Smurfs In The Holiday's!!

On Monday last week in the holidays, waking up getting ready to go to the cinemas I suddenly woke up and yawned,“Ahhh!” stretching my arms. “Good morning”, said Mom, as she came in with a cup of tea and pancake. “Good Morning”, I replied. “Are we going cinemas? ”, I asked waiting for moms answer. “Yes!”, she replied as I went to my closet and chosen my clothes to wear and went in the car.

I hopped in the car and settled in the front seat all buckled up and listening to music. Suddenly my mom came out of the house locking the doors and windows,then she came running in the car. She put on her glasses and styled her hair while I wait for her. “What movie we are going to see?”, I asked. “Smurfs Two”, Mom replied.

As we were driving in sylvia park we went in the cinemas and got our two tickets. “Yay!”, I yelled, I was really excited. I sat down on a chair and the movie started. “Ooohhh!”, I whispered as the movie went on.......

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Reading Interview with Jarod

Vaifoa Reading Interview from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi this is a Reading interview that Jarod filmed about reading in the morning is like. This will tell you about what I read about in the mornings as usual. I will tell you everything about when you could sit down, relax and watch as it goes on.......  HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Stranded On Volcano Island

Never in my life had I thought that I’d end up here. On an island with my friend Lee. I remember the night before. The plane that I was on sunk into the ocean. Me and Lee escaped with our lives. But we've never been stranded before, except when it came to Minecraft, so our survival skills weren't that weak.

We knew that at night there were these things that would come and go for the kill. After all, there was this cave with zombies in it.

We got started straight away. There was only one tree there, so I had to make the most of the opportunity. After 20 painful tree cutting hours, I finally got the wood. I made some wooden planks, to use later on.

Since there was only one tree, our house had to be made of dirt, as there were tons of it. It went well, until we got to the roof. The dirt kept falling down, so I went to got some clay. Lee used some of the planks to make a pickaxe.

Lee came back with enough cobblestone to make a furnace. I came back with lots of clay. But we had a problem. We hadn’t got anything to burn the clay, except for the wood.

I ran outside, looking for any more trees. None. When it seemed like we’d never use the precious wood again, I saw a sapling. If I planted it, then it’d grow into another tree. I saw another sapling.

There were 3 of them, so that meant that we would have 3x the wood. After planting them, I ran to Lee and told him the news. So we cooked the clay, and came out with bricks. We finished the roof by 5:30 p.m. The sun was going down.

Lee decided to make some beds, so he went out to the sheep, and started to tear off their wool. I used some sand to make glass. Now, we could watch the sun set, and we could know when it was safe to go outside.

I used the remaining wooden planks(6 of them), to make a door. Lee came back. “Hey uh..” He exclaimed, “The sheep ran away. I've only got enough wool for one bed.”
“Damn! Who’s gonna stay up and guard the house!?”
“What do you mean? You said that if there were enough, then we’d both sleep.”
“I mean that we’d go to sleep with swords in our hands.”

Lee jumped into the bed.
I'm sleepy. You guard the house.”
I glared angrily at Lee. But Lee was in the bed, so I had no choice but to protect the house. I walked out, and looked at the cave. I was trembling. Was this a good idea? Then, I heard a stomp. It got louder. And louder. And louder. And lou--. It turned out to be a cow. I did a facepalm. Scared of a cow? Crazy.

But then a zombie ran out.
“EEP!” I screamed in horror. I threw the sword right at the zombie. It fell on the ground. As I picked up the sword, all the zombies ran out at me. I ran up a hill. The zombies had cornered me.

The sun came up just in time. For some reason, the zombies hated the sun. Maybe they were vampires. Then, a slow zombie got set on fire. It was squealing, but I didn’t want to help it. After all, it tried to kill me.The zombie died right in front of the cave.

“Suffer.” I said.
I walked back to the house. Lee was busy making a pumpkin pie. “I found a pumpkin, egg, and some sugar cane.
“Cool! Can I have some I asked.
“What do you mean, sorry?”
“You don’t deserve it.” At that moment I went angry.
“Whoa dude calm down,”
“Oh, no-one.”
“Look man I'm sorry!”
“Okay, the pie’s your’s.”
“AWWW YEAH!” I gobbled the pie up. It was delicious. After breakfast, I took Lee the the cave.
“Pretty freaky, eh?” I asked Lee. He agreed. Should we walk in? Or should we not? That was the new question. I walked in. I had plenty of torches, and the sword that I used. It wasn’t that scary, the cave. In fact, I even found some iron! But as I was getting the goods, A zombie ran at me.

I searched for my sword, and I saw a zombie pick it up.
“WHY DID I THROW MY SWORD LIKE THAT WHEN THE IRON CAME!??!” I screamed. When it seemed like I’d get slain, Lee came for me. He shot an arrow at the zombies. That made them even angrier, but they were further away.
“Dude, c’mon! Run out the cave!” Lee yelled.

For some reason, I knew that trouble was still to come. I was right. The sun had gone down when we were in the cave, so when we came out the zombies kept following.
“So,” I asked. “Any bright idea’s?”
“Nope. Not one.”
I've got one.”
“RUN!” We ran so fast that it made Usain Bolt look like a rock. But the zombies didn't give up up. They ran at the door, trying to break it.
“Any other bright idea’s?” Lee asked.
“Either die hiding, or live mining.”
“Let’s mine!”
“Agreed!” And we went all the way down. Then, we hit a cave. There were zombies. Now, me and Lee were stuck. Zombies everywhere. Nowhere to go.
So what did we do? We had nothing. The zombies ran at us. I was almost paralyzed with fear.

“What now?” Lee asked desperately. I looked down. Of course! We had to dig straight down. I told Lee, and he immediately went down. I followed. The zombies did as well, but by then the fall was too great for anything to survive.
“YAY!” Lee cried.
“We did it!” We were overjoyed. I hugged Lee in relief. Then, something caught my eye. Gold.

“Lee, look behind you!”
“I thought there weren’t any zombies...GOLD!! Let’s get it!”
“What’s wrong?”
“Our pickaxes aren't strong enough.” We both looked at our pickaxes. A tear ran down Lee’s cheek.
“C’mon,”Lee said sadly, “let’s go.

I felt sad for Lee. Going through all that trouble just to find out that we couldn't get gold. Then, I remembered something. When we in the cave, I got iron. We could use it to make an iron pickaxe, and get the goods.

I told Lee, and the his pupils went from brown to green money signs.
“Are you al-right?” I asked. Lee didn't answer. He just ran to the gold area.
I'm gonna be rich!!” Lee yelled. I did a face palm. We didn't even make the iron pickaxe yet.

“WAIT A MINUTE!!” Lee screamed.
“This is a pickaxe of stone! You lied to me!”
“We haven’t even MADE the pickaxe yet. Stop whining.” Lee climbed up, and when he got to the stairs, I called to Lee. He turned around. A zombie had a sword and it ran at Lee. He took out the stone pickaxe, and used it to fight. Lee was the better fighter, and it seemed like he’d win. He did. The zombie ran away.

Lee came back inside, but the he ran at me. My eyes followed him. Then, SHUNK! The zombie Lee fought went round to stab me, but Lee sacrificed himself. But because of that, I was in so much trouble.

A zombie with a sword ready to kill. My only help had sacrificed himself, leaving me alone. Defenceless.
“Lee’s lucky that he’s in the afterlife!” I muttered.
The zombie walked closer to me. I didn't know what to do. Then I looked at the furnace. Then the chest. Maybe I could shove the zombie in the furnace and hide in the chest. No. That wouldn't work. The zombie had a sword.

Then I looked at the crafting table. The iron pickaxe! It was lying there when the zombie came to stab me. I picked it up, and then it was like one of those action movie sword-fighting scenes. Except I had a pickaxe.

Luckily for me, the zombie had my wooden sword, and soon enough the sword broke. The zombie looked like it was begging for mercy. I felt no mercy at all. I took the zombie to the furnace, and shoved it in.

“You kill my friend,” I said angrily, “I take your life.”

When the next day rolled around, I was slowly walking around the island. I don’t think I could last another night. Then, I heard a boat. My head spun around to the approaching boat.

It was getting closer. And closer. Then, I saw 2 people. My friend Vaifoa. We first met on Minecraft, and now I see him come to my rescue. I took a breath of relief. Time to go home.

But then something bad happened. A stupid squid came mindlessly up and broke the boat. I ran to save my friend. When I got him out of the water, I told him of what happened recently.

He was shocked. I turned back to Vaifoa. The squid was on in head. I helped take it off. But then the island shook.
“What was that!?” Vaifoa asked.
“Probably that active volcano.”
“WHAT!? You never told me!”
“Well hey! I only noticed the volcano now!”
“What! You never noticed a massive volcano which your house is right next to!?” The island rumbled again.

Me and Vaifoa decided to fix the boat. We spent day and night working on it. And by the next day it was almost done, when disaster struck. The volcano erupted. We tested the boat, but it needed power. Where could we get power? From the lava.

The lava got closer.

And closer.

And closer.