Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Test (Farming)

I trudged over soft stone bricks and heard the song of chirping birds filled the sky. I glanced at a mysterious shed through a bush. A smell of dirty garbage went in my nose as I jumped over a sharp top fence. I saw a sign that said (NO ENTRY!). “Don’t enter,”I heard something whispering in my ear. “Should I enter”, as I whispered in my head. Suddenly I saw a shadow running across but no one was there. I shouted ,“Is anybody in here.” Nothing responded back. I was seeing cracked walls and a lot of tools in a cabin that was opened. I slipped over a puddle that looked very different and as I touched it I realised it was red-blood. I pulled out my hand and flicked the blood off. “Yuck,”I yelled and heard the echo of my voice.

As I went farer through the shed it got darker and darker till I saw nothing. “Help help,”I called out but no one could hear me. I took one more step and suddenly I fell into something. “Ouch,”I screamed. My leg was caught in a net. I still couldn't see anything. Nothing at all. “Help,”I called out again and still no respond. I stood up and lifted my hands up finding my way out.

Finally I found a bright light shiny in my eyes. I trembled over to the light and it was still far away. When I got there I realised it wasn't light it was just a clock reflecting the torch on the ground. I picked up the torch and went looking for my way out. “Yes,”I yelled as I found a window. I cracked it and jumped out running out.

Conclusion: I finally made it out the creepy shed but..... I still did not know who was watching me. Something really weird was going on! Ahhhhh

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  1. Vaifoa, my name is Brantley Spillman. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. Throughout this semester, I have commented on several students’ blogs throughout the world, although, you are the third student from the Pt. England School that I have commented upon. I loved the story you wrote! Your writings created a really vivid image. Is this a true story? If so, then I am not sure I would have entered the cabin. I can see you really enjoyed your writing assignment. Continue to keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your post.