Tuesday, March 20, 2012


On Thursday night we had to sleep in our tents and wear our PJ’s. I heard strange noises in someones tent and it was our next door neighbour whispering. The teachers heard it as well so they came and took them outside to stay there for one minute.

‘Crunch crunch’, there were some kids having a snack in the middle of the night and it kept me awake. Luckily I had ear plugs in my bag and I had a peaceful and quite night.

It was shining outside as Miss King said “Rise and Shine Campers”, so I quickly put on my clothes
for doing jump jam in the hall. I had enjoyed my day sleeping in a tent with my friends.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1st Day Of Camp

Hedding of to the beach Mr Burt explained to us how to get in the kyak safely and put on some of the life jackets on. Get in to the kyak he said so I quickly picked up a paddle and get ready to go kayaking. I thought it was going to be scary but when I keep trying I found out how to do it.

my friend and I had a race around and around. Soonly I we came a tie we tried to beat each other but we keep on coming a tie.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The thing I am mostly looking forward to at camp is going kayaking at the Pt England reserve. Kayaking is fun but if you want to know what kayaking is then here it is. Kayaking is a boat that you paddle to go fast but I am worried that I might fall out and a fish could bite me. Ooouuchh!

All I am nervous about is dancing in the front of people and singing as well. I can’t wait till Wednesday its camp time. I really love to roast some marshmallow's tonight.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vaifoa's Blind fold

My legs were shaking as my teacher tied a blind fold around my
eyes I couldn’t see a thing it was like night time. We had to walk along the obstacle course it was embarrassing and difficult.

Lukis helped me to get around he told me to go right
and left so I don’t bump in to anything. I walked along the beem as I went the wrong way, Lukis said go this way but I didn't know where he was pointing so I just walked any where. Ouch I said’ I steeped on a hula hoop my partner said to put it over me.

Lukis said jump over these thing that look like punching bags , so I just did what he said and I got up to the zigzag part.
I went in to the zigzag it was preddy easy, time to go under the blue tarpaulin. He said next go to the soft bed, I tripped and landed on my chin. “Walk up the stairs he said” so I walked up and jump of the stage then jumped on to the high jump pad.
Well my partner done a great work on it when he went around the zig zaging part.
The hardest thing was the high jump pad.