Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Summer Vacation

Christmas Summer Vacation.

Introduction: In this story I will be writing about my christmas summer vacation and I will also explain what it felt like and what we did.

One early morning the sun was shining brightly  through my bedroom curtains making my eyes hurt. I got up and walked in the bathroom and had a quick shower. When the water hit my skin, the feeling of the water was very soothing and warm. I jumped out of the shower and got dressed into a white plain shirt some shorts since it is summer and I grabbed my sandals.

I walked downstairs and the smell of bacon and egg filled my nostrils.
I saw my mum standing in front of the stove holding a spatula and moving the frying pan around. “Morning mum” I said walking over to sit across the island table. “Good morning sweetheart, you hungry?”she asked. “Yes, I am starving,”I chirped.

She chuckled and put some bacon and a eggs on my plate and toast. “Mmm smells delicious” I said. “Now eat up and I’ll go wake up the rest because we are going on a family summer vacation” she said. I nodded and started digging into my delicious breakfast.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Car Ride~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I looked out the window and saw people walking by, woman pushing their baby prams, people fixing roads. I was stretched at the back of the minivan.
The boot is full of full suitcases and all the spare seat has 3 small ones stacked up as well. We are on our way to the coast for the summer. Two weeks of swimming, sand and sun, paradise. It’s a 4 hour drive and we’ve been in the car for an hour and a half.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the Hotel~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We walked in and saw a doorman. Then we walked up to the receptionist and asked for room for two and he handed us two keys. We went in the elevator and started looking for room 246 and room 247. I came around a corner and finally saw it. “I found it. I found it!” I cheered. My mum smiled and walked over to open the doors.

When I stepped into my brother and I’s room, it was breathtaking. Everything was beautiful. My brother and I were walking around looking at everything and examining the great view from up here. Our mum stepped into the room smiling. “Okay kids, how about we go to the beach and have some fun?” she asked. My brother and I  started cheering and walked out of the room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Beach ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was building a sandcastle with my little brother. The sun was very hot, which made me thirsty. Luckily my mum went and bought us ice-creams. My favourite treat in the summer. A few minutes later we went for a swim and I started splashing water at my dad. We were all playing a lot of different games and just having fun until we had to go back to our hotel and take a shower.

Conclusion: In this story I have written what I did in my summer vacation and I have also explained how I felt in the fun adventure.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Netbooks are really fun and a helpful thing. Its is a device that you can learn more things and have lots of fun on it. I love my netbook because I can go on maths whizz tutor and learn lots of maths. Sometimes we always have free time when we are done all of our work. It is really cool and exciting. Learning more things about netbooks is pretty awesome.


The thing that frustrates me is when my netbook freezes. My netbook frustrates me because when i’m doing my work it just turns off. My other frustration is when you can’t use your mouse it stays where it was. It is really annoying when it freezes.

What would make it better ?

If my netbook freezes I will just turn it off and restart my netbook. When it turns off by itself I will restart it again.

How does school compare now vs before you had a netbook

Before we didn’t have netbooks was a hard thing. We used paper and pens. Using paper and pens wasn’t really exciting, it made my hands sore and tired. But now we have netbooks is really fun and learnable.

How could we use our netbook better ?

Using our netbooks feels cool. As we use our netbooks we learn heaps of different things. My favourite thing to learn about is Maths whizz.