Monday, June 24, 2013

Crazy Scienctist's

                                                         (THE SCIENTISTS TRAVELS!!!)

One misty day, in a horrible weather there were 3 scientists. There names are Warwick, Lerick and Flerick. They  travelled on a plane from the U.K to the Antarctic, to observe how the temperature rises which causes the ice to melt and how it creates the sea level to rise. The scientists
                                                                      HEADING TO ANTARCTICA

The 3 weird scientists were then now ready to head off to Antarctica but, they had also need to double check if they have the right gear. Off they went taking a long risk lifting all of their gear trying to get to the plane. Then the plane started its engine and speeded out Antarctica
                                                                      GOING FOR THE FLIGHT

As the scientists were on the plane they will need they would fly about 85 kilometres an hour from the U.K to Antarctica. After a while the plane has now flown 9.82 metres from U.K and reached (73 feet) of the ground. The scientists could almost feel their hands and legs getting numb and their heads feeling dizzy after flying 9.82 metres.   

Shivering legs as the scientist arrived at the north bay at the bottom of the world. The scientists were very cold. Then they started rushing over to the science house and began to search things they need. THE END

Playing Minecraft


Last night, me and my buddy Eric went to the library and played this awesome game called Minecraft. Minecraft is a type of game that lets you built a house and something that you would like to do. That’s why in the beginning of the game name which is MINE! It is produced as mining. Minecraft is a fun game to play and it helps me build things when I grow up. As I ran out of blocks  I started rushing over to Eric’s Minecraft house and borrowed some of his building blocks. So then I could build something really high.

This is Eric’s house

This is Vaifoa’s House   

At first I looked around I saw an amazing house right next to me It was covered with golden blocks and shiny diamonds  . So I went to check it out. First I went through the door and he showed his building. Then I saw a farm on the side of the outside door and fed some of his animals.

It was getting too late. So I went off to my building and got to bed. The next morning in Minecraft I started building again till I was done. First I built a water ful going down from my house and and builded a flower garden outside. It was so amazing!!! I was Really enjoying playing that game. It was time to go home so I was saying good bye.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

DLO about Seals

Hi This is a DLO that me made for this weeks DLO. This DLO is About seals in Antarctica.
I like making DLO because it is really fun and a lot cool yo draw and animate. So hope you enjoy it.:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Score A Try!!!

   How to Score A Try!!!

List Of Materials
1.  Rugby Ball.
2. Hands.
3. Legs.
4. Person.
5. Field.
6. Stadium.
7. Try line.
8. Rugby players.

                                                  Step By Step

step 1. Hold the rugby ball in your hands tightly.
step. 2 Run towards the players.
Step 3. Defend the ball with your hands by stepping the players.
step 4. Bump them off.
step 5. Run away.
step 6. Rush over to the try line.
Step 7. Step people with your legs.
step 8. Run through players.
step 9. Remember to never drop the ball.
step 10. Once you pass the try line dive and put the ball over the try line.
step 11. Jump all around and celebrate.

How To Stand On A Chair

       How To Stand On A Chair!!!

    List Of Materials:
  1. Chair
  2. Person                                         
  3. Leg
  4. Arms
  5. Ground

Step By Step.

  •     First get a chair to stand on
  • Then you put your right hand on the chair
  • Lift your left leg up
  • Then put your leg on the chair
  • Transfer the weight from your left leg to the right leg.
  • Place your foot on the chair
  • Then transfer the weight of your right leg to the other leg
  • Lift up your legs
  • Place them on the chair
  • Lift your back up straight
  • Then celebrate and dance around

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disneys Pixar

                           Hi this is a drawing of a Penguin, Fairy and a Pirate. Hope you Like it.