Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Score A Try!!!

   How to Score A Try!!!

List Of Materials
1.  Rugby Ball.
2. Hands.
3. Legs.
4. Person.
5. Field.
6. Stadium.
7. Try line.
8. Rugby players.

                                                  Step By Step

step 1. Hold the rugby ball in your hands tightly.
step. 2 Run towards the players.
Step 3. Defend the ball with your hands by stepping the players.
step 4. Bump them off.
step 5. Run away.
step 6. Rush over to the try line.
Step 7. Step people with your legs.
step 8. Run through players.
step 9. Remember to never drop the ball.
step 10. Once you pass the try line dive and put the ball over the try line.
step 11. Jump all around and celebrate.

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