Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Reading Interview with Jarod

Vaifoa Reading Interview from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Hi this is a Reading interview that Jarod filmed about reading in the morning is like. This will tell you about what I read about in the mornings as usual. I will tell you everything about when you could sit down, relax and watch as it goes on.......  HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Stranded On Volcano Island

Never in my life had I thought that I’d end up here. On an island with my friend Lee. I remember the night before. The plane that I was on sunk into the ocean. Me and Lee escaped with our lives. But we've never been stranded before, except when it came to Minecraft, so our survival skills weren't that weak.

We knew that at night there were these things that would come and go for the kill. After all, there was this cave with zombies in it.

We got started straight away. There was only one tree there, so I had to make the most of the opportunity. After 20 painful tree cutting hours, I finally got the wood. I made some wooden planks, to use later on.

Since there was only one tree, our house had to be made of dirt, as there were tons of it. It went well, until we got to the roof. The dirt kept falling down, so I went to got some clay. Lee used some of the planks to make a pickaxe.

Lee came back with enough cobblestone to make a furnace. I came back with lots of clay. But we had a problem. We hadn’t got anything to burn the clay, except for the wood.

I ran outside, looking for any more trees. None. When it seemed like we’d never use the precious wood again, I saw a sapling. If I planted it, then it’d grow into another tree. I saw another sapling.

There were 3 of them, so that meant that we would have 3x the wood. After planting them, I ran to Lee and told him the news. So we cooked the clay, and came out with bricks. We finished the roof by 5:30 p.m. The sun was going down.

Lee decided to make some beds, so he went out to the sheep, and started to tear off their wool. I used some sand to make glass. Now, we could watch the sun set, and we could know when it was safe to go outside.

I used the remaining wooden planks(6 of them), to make a door. Lee came back. “Hey uh..” He exclaimed, “The sheep ran away. I've only got enough wool for one bed.”
“Damn! Who’s gonna stay up and guard the house!?”
“What do you mean? You said that if there were enough, then we’d both sleep.”
“I mean that we’d go to sleep with swords in our hands.”

Lee jumped into the bed.
I'm sleepy. You guard the house.”
I glared angrily at Lee. But Lee was in the bed, so I had no choice but to protect the house. I walked out, and looked at the cave. I was trembling. Was this a good idea? Then, I heard a stomp. It got louder. And louder. And louder. And lou--. It turned out to be a cow. I did a facepalm. Scared of a cow? Crazy.

But then a zombie ran out.
“EEP!” I screamed in horror. I threw the sword right at the zombie. It fell on the ground. As I picked up the sword, all the zombies ran out at me. I ran up a hill. The zombies had cornered me.

The sun came up just in time. For some reason, the zombies hated the sun. Maybe they were vampires. Then, a slow zombie got set on fire. It was squealing, but I didn’t want to help it. After all, it tried to kill me.The zombie died right in front of the cave.

“Suffer.” I said.
I walked back to the house. Lee was busy making a pumpkin pie. “I found a pumpkin, egg, and some sugar cane.
“Cool! Can I have some I asked.
“What do you mean, sorry?”
“You don’t deserve it.” At that moment I went angry.
“Whoa dude calm down,”
“Oh, no-one.”
“Look man I'm sorry!”
“Okay, the pie’s your’s.”
“AWWW YEAH!” I gobbled the pie up. It was delicious. After breakfast, I took Lee the the cave.
“Pretty freaky, eh?” I asked Lee. He agreed. Should we walk in? Or should we not? That was the new question. I walked in. I had plenty of torches, and the sword that I used. It wasn’t that scary, the cave. In fact, I even found some iron! But as I was getting the goods, A zombie ran at me.

I searched for my sword, and I saw a zombie pick it up.
“WHY DID I THROW MY SWORD LIKE THAT WHEN THE IRON CAME!??!” I screamed. When it seemed like I’d get slain, Lee came for me. He shot an arrow at the zombies. That made them even angrier, but they were further away.
“Dude, c’mon! Run out the cave!” Lee yelled.

For some reason, I knew that trouble was still to come. I was right. The sun had gone down when we were in the cave, so when we came out the zombies kept following.
“So,” I asked. “Any bright idea’s?”
“Nope. Not one.”
I've got one.”
“RUN!” We ran so fast that it made Usain Bolt look like a rock. But the zombies didn't give up up. They ran at the door, trying to break it.
“Any other bright idea’s?” Lee asked.
“Either die hiding, or live mining.”
“Let’s mine!”
“Agreed!” And we went all the way down. Then, we hit a cave. There were zombies. Now, me and Lee were stuck. Zombies everywhere. Nowhere to go.
So what did we do? We had nothing. The zombies ran at us. I was almost paralyzed with fear.

“What now?” Lee asked desperately. I looked down. Of course! We had to dig straight down. I told Lee, and he immediately went down. I followed. The zombies did as well, but by then the fall was too great for anything to survive.
“YAY!” Lee cried.
“We did it!” We were overjoyed. I hugged Lee in relief. Then, something caught my eye. Gold.

“Lee, look behind you!”
“I thought there weren’t any zombies...GOLD!! Let’s get it!”
“What’s wrong?”
“Our pickaxes aren't strong enough.” We both looked at our pickaxes. A tear ran down Lee’s cheek.
“C’mon,”Lee said sadly, “let’s go.

I felt sad for Lee. Going through all that trouble just to find out that we couldn't get gold. Then, I remembered something. When we in the cave, I got iron. We could use it to make an iron pickaxe, and get the goods.

I told Lee, and the his pupils went from brown to green money signs.
“Are you al-right?” I asked. Lee didn't answer. He just ran to the gold area.
I'm gonna be rich!!” Lee yelled. I did a face palm. We didn't even make the iron pickaxe yet.

“WAIT A MINUTE!!” Lee screamed.
“This is a pickaxe of stone! You lied to me!”
“We haven’t even MADE the pickaxe yet. Stop whining.” Lee climbed up, and when he got to the stairs, I called to Lee. He turned around. A zombie had a sword and it ran at Lee. He took out the stone pickaxe, and used it to fight. Lee was the better fighter, and it seemed like he’d win. He did. The zombie ran away.

Lee came back inside, but the he ran at me. My eyes followed him. Then, SHUNK! The zombie Lee fought went round to stab me, but Lee sacrificed himself. But because of that, I was in so much trouble.

A zombie with a sword ready to kill. My only help had sacrificed himself, leaving me alone. Defenceless.
“Lee’s lucky that he’s in the afterlife!” I muttered.
The zombie walked closer to me. I didn't know what to do. Then I looked at the furnace. Then the chest. Maybe I could shove the zombie in the furnace and hide in the chest. No. That wouldn't work. The zombie had a sword.

Then I looked at the crafting table. The iron pickaxe! It was lying there when the zombie came to stab me. I picked it up, and then it was like one of those action movie sword-fighting scenes. Except I had a pickaxe.

Luckily for me, the zombie had my wooden sword, and soon enough the sword broke. The zombie looked like it was begging for mercy. I felt no mercy at all. I took the zombie to the furnace, and shoved it in.

“You kill my friend,” I said angrily, “I take your life.”

When the next day rolled around, I was slowly walking around the island. I don’t think I could last another night. Then, I heard a boat. My head spun around to the approaching boat.

It was getting closer. And closer. Then, I saw 2 people. My friend Vaifoa. We first met on Minecraft, and now I see him come to my rescue. I took a breath of relief. Time to go home.

But then something bad happened. A stupid squid came mindlessly up and broke the boat. I ran to save my friend. When I got him out of the water, I told him of what happened recently.

He was shocked. I turned back to Vaifoa. The squid was on in head. I helped take it off. But then the island shook.
“What was that!?” Vaifoa asked.
“Probably that active volcano.”
“WHAT!? You never told me!”
“Well hey! I only noticed the volcano now!”
“What! You never noticed a massive volcano which your house is right next to!?” The island rumbled again.

Me and Vaifoa decided to fix the boat. We spent day and night working on it. And by the next day it was almost done, when disaster struck. The volcano erupted. We tested the boat, but it needed power. Where could we get power? From the lava.

The lava got closer.

And closer.

And closer.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Three Little Pigs Retell

Once upon a time in a fancy nice house just like a mansion, there lived three little pigs with their mother having a nice time sitting upon a fireplace.But just then mother pig yelled “Get Out!,and go build your own houses.” The little pigs suddenly replied “Why?, then mother pig told them that they needed to go outside and build their own houses. She was getting mad as soon they went outside to find their perfect spot.

The 1st little pig decided to built his out out of little pieces of straws on a flat mountain side. “This will be a nice spot”,mumbled the 1st little pig. So then he had finished building his house and went inside. Just then crawling around in the bushes came out a big bad wolf. The big bad wolf went towards the 1st little pigs house and yelled, “Let me in, Let me in! The little pig replied not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

“Then I will puff, then I will huff, then I will blow your house down”, grumbled the big bad wolf as the 1st little pigs house was blown down. The little pig ran to the 2nd little pigs house and went inside. The 2nd little pigs house was made out of wood. “Nothing could break my house down”, whispered the 2nd little pig. Then the big bad wolf came running back and mumbled, “Let me in,Let me in! But the 2nd little pig replied, “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

“Then I will puff, then I will huff, then I will blow your house down”, the wolf anxiously yelled. Then the 2nd little pigs house was blown down. So off they went running into the 3rd little pigs house. The 3rd little pigs house was made out of strong nether bricks. Out came the big bad wolf running towards the 2nd little pigs house saying, “Let me in, Let me in! But the 3rd little pig replied, “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”

“Then I will puff, then I will huff, then I will blow your house down”, the big bad wolf mumbled as he was trying to blow the 3rd little pigs house down. He could not brake it. It was too strong. But the big bad wolf yelled again, “Then I will puff, then I will whuff, then I will blow your house down”, but still did not blow down.

The three little pigs were so happy that they went sitting next to their fireplace and began to relax. Then the big bad wolf climbed up to the roof and went down in the chimney squishing himself in. He could smell fire underneath him. “Oh No!, screamed the wolf. He got burned so he ran away out through the door and running in serious pain, and the three little pigs LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

One morning in new zealand 2013, 8:30 am , up in Mt. wellington there was a massive house. A mansion with farm animals. In a paddock, there was a duck with a pretty nest sitting on 6 pretty eggs. But one was larger than the others. It was grey!

“Why was it grey?” Asked father duck standing there like a statue. “When I lived next to Omaru creek, I went fishing and diving for some food for the little ducklings. But, one of the eggs slipped into the contaminated water. The catfish almost ate it, but I swooped in just in time.” Mother duck said.

By the next beautiful morning, the ducklings were still sitting on her eggs. The eggs were not hatching properly, so mother duck cracked the eggs a little to help the little ducklings be free. Mother duck was so overjoyed, but then she was worried, as the largest egg haven't hatched yet.

She waited, and waited, until she heard a little crack underneath her. But it was cracking slowly. She was becoming impatient. “If this egg does not hatch soon, I will leave it alone in Omaru Creek, while I teach the other ducklings to swim and fly” Mother duck thought anxiously.  

Soon after, another crack after another, the 6th duck came out from its shell, it was a large ugly duckling. The little duckling was grey, and its beak was as small as a miniature ice cream cone. His hair was bluffed up with wet feathers, and it was so fat.

As soon as the duckling came out, mother duck went out fishing. “Its ugly!”, yelled father duck. When mother duck saw the ugly duckling, she said “I should have let him die. ”, Mother duck whispered. “What kind of bird am I? I look different.” The ugly duckling politely asked.

“You are the ugliest duckling ever! You are a contaminated bird!” replied the mother duck in rage quit mode. The ugly duckling was not happy. Mother duck fed the other ducklings, except for the poor, ugly, duckling. All of his brothers teased him.

So he hopped out of the nest, and tried to find out where he came from, and what bird he is. Walking around in sadness, the little duckling saw some french geese right at the bottom of the hill, in another paddock swimming, and laughing happily. The little ugly duckling went up to them. “What kind of bird I am?” He asked cutely. But as soon he asked them, they replied: “You are the ugliest duckling ever, and you are not a bird. Get away.”
END OF PART 1-Part 2
The ugly duckling was walking around feeling sad. He couldn’t fly, or swim. The ugly poor duckling saw some birds with scaly feathers. Then an assassin came out of his truck, with a sniper gun. He was shooting the birds. The birds flew away, but just then the assassin shot them down. “Luckily I can’t fly.” Mumbled the duckling, running away.

After a while, the duckling soon spotted a massive pond with a lot of little lily pads. “Oh no, the little duckling yelled sacredly. I can’t swim.” The duckling was so scared.

Then the little duckling had an amazing idea! He whispered to himself saying “I could jump on the lily pads one by one to get to the other side! I’m so smart!” he exclaimed.

He started walking away, to find some other ducks that will help him. Finally he saw some ducks with long beaks and short tails. So then he went on his way to them and began to asked them the same question he’d wanted to know about. He asked “What kind of bird am I? Then they gave him exactly the same answer he was given. “You are the ugliest duckling ever! You are a contaminated bird!”

So he kept walking along the footpath and trying to find somebody. As he was walking he kicked pebbles on the way and curled his feathers so he could be warm. Just then a large bird flew past him. “What was that?, he mumbled as the bird crashed landed on a piece of branch. He went up to it and, the large bird suddenly yelled “BOO!” The little poor duckling screamed “Ahhh!” and went away screaming in tears. The large bird walked back to the duckling and quietly said to him, “Sorry, my bad. Are you alright.” The the duckling replied, “Yes, but you scared me a little bit. Wait! What type of bird am I?” The big bird took a good look at the duckling. “You look kind of like MY children.”

“My family’s children are always born in Omaru Creek.” The big bird carried on. “One of my eggs went missing. Maybe it was your egg.” The duckling thought for a while. “Yeah, maybe I am!” He shouted. “That means you’re my dad!” The little duckling hugged his dad with tears of joy trickling down.

Now, the duckling knows that he isn’t contaminated. He’s one of the rarest birds on earth, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monkey And Mango Island Review

Title: Monkey And Mango Island

Author: Candy Gourlay

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses):
Monkey and The biggest crocodile. Monkey likes mangoes. monkeys strengths is tricking. There weakness is sun

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): At the River bank

What was the problem? Monkey wanted the mangoes that was in mango island in the deepest river surrounded with twenty crocodiles.

What was the solution? He tricked the crocodiles by counting them up to twenty and walked on a crocodile bridge.

What was the Moral of the Story? Don’t trust everything you hear.

My favourite part of the story was? Monkey got the mangoes.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)

My Weekend

My Weekend

On saturday afternoon, I went to play soccer with my cousins. I woke up in the morning and saw my cousins waiting for me in the car. Then I grabbed my soccer ball and my things to the soccer game. Just then we went sliding on the field and found ourselves muddy. We were playing our own soccer game.

After a while I slipped and slided while dribbling after the ball and kicked it into the goal. I shouted out YAY!. I was really excited. I scored a goal for my team and went to have a rest. Luckily my cousin brought some food from home. I suddenly grabbed an ice cream. It was a really hot day.

Its half time for both teams as I gave some water to my cousins. The teams are having a break and getting ready to play. I passed out some food for the teams and then went back to the field and just played around. I was training for the next round.

Half time is over and now we are back in the field getting excited. Just then we started the game off. I kicked the ball out through the field and then my teammates chased it. Simon has the ball and then he kicked it to the goal and one of the players on the other team hand balled it.

By now it is 5 to 0 scores of the day and I placed the ball where it got hand balled and kicked it to the goal. “FULL TIME”, i shouted off as we scored 8 points. After the game my dad took us to carls junior and ate some delicious burgers,chips and milk shakes. I got oreo milk shake.   

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ugly Duckling Retell Story

Once Upon a time up in a hill side a farmyard with a Mother duck laying on a clutch of new eggs. One sunny morning, up in the hill the eggs popped out six little ducklings. The egg beside the mother duck was bigger than the rest, and it didn’t hatched. The mother duck couldn’t recall that seventh egg. “How did that egg get there?” she wondered as the little duckling peeked inside its shell. “Did I count the eggs wrongly?” Mother duck mumbled.

She thinked about it until the seventh egg hatched and out came a grey duckling. It’s a “GREY DUCKLING” Mother Duck yelled. It was a strange looking duckling when she saw him. He came out of his shell and suddenly felt really lonely. His feathers was all wet. His brothers mocked him and his mother kicked him out. The ugly duckling prepared lunch for his brother but not him he ran away and tried to find out what kind of bird he is.

As he was walking down the lake he saw a bunch of goose hanging around in a pond. He asked them “what kind of bird I am”, but the gooses gave an answer. The same answer as his family did. “You are just a Grey duckling that fell from the sky” a goose said. He continued on walking kicking rocks on his way. He suddenly saw some Greyish bird that looked the same as him.

He walked up to them and then he asked them “what bird am I”, the grey Duck replied “you are one of us”. So he stayed there and found his home his new brothers also love and they LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hare And The Tortoise Retell Story

Hi my name is Lazy Brain Tortoise and I am the slowest living creature in the world.

My friend over there, well he isn’t really my friend he teases me and laughs at me thinks that i’m a rock a green rock he couldn’t tell. His name is Speedy Hare. Speedy Hare thinks that he is all that . He is the fastest and he won all his races but one he took 2nd place which is silver and guess who got first? Me! I won against him on April the 2th.

He was the fastest but I won gold and nobody knows about it. Just then a fox came out of the bushes right in the corner and said- “Do know he Hibernates”, Hiber-Wha” asked the Hare. The foxes name was Foxxy The Boxer, then he replied back “ that means he sleeps through the whole winter.

“The whole winter”, asked Hare. That’s impossible, he must be the laziest creature. The tortoise kept on munching really SLOWLY. His mouth was full of grass. “I will ask him to race with me”, said the Hare. “Hey, Lazy Head” yelled Speedy Hare. The tortoise just stayed there just then Tortoise nodded up and down, “I think he’s saying Yes” said the speedy hare. “Then lets smash it” said Speedy hare, I will beat you”.

Up in the top hill, the biggest hill ever the starting line was lined up for the race. Tortoise was still munching grass, as then the wooden race starter blasted off then the Hare went off springing away then out of nowhere the tortoise ran up to the Hare and beating him off the end. Suddenly the tortoise bumped the Hare off with his shell and saw the finish line and bit it off and bate Hare.

It was a surprise as the tortoise won the race. The tortoise was still munching grass as then the fox jumped out of another bush and pet the tortoise on the shell and then celebrated that he won. The Tortoise took first place 2 times but then he gave one  to hare. Hare was excited just then they were all friends until the end. They were excited and they LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.