Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ugly Duckling Retell Story

Once Upon a time up in a hill side a farmyard with a Mother duck laying on a clutch of new eggs. One sunny morning, up in the hill the eggs popped out six little ducklings. The egg beside the mother duck was bigger than the rest, and it didn’t hatched. The mother duck couldn’t recall that seventh egg. “How did that egg get there?” she wondered as the little duckling peeked inside its shell. “Did I count the eggs wrongly?” Mother duck mumbled.

She thinked about it until the seventh egg hatched and out came a grey duckling. It’s a “GREY DUCKLING” Mother Duck yelled. It was a strange looking duckling when she saw him. He came out of his shell and suddenly felt really lonely. His feathers was all wet. His brothers mocked him and his mother kicked him out. The ugly duckling prepared lunch for his brother but not him he ran away and tried to find out what kind of bird he is.

As he was walking down the lake he saw a bunch of goose hanging around in a pond. He asked them “what kind of bird I am”, but the gooses gave an answer. The same answer as his family did. “You are just a Grey duckling that fell from the sky” a goose said. He continued on walking kicking rocks on his way. He suddenly saw some Greyish bird that looked the same as him.

He walked up to them and then he asked them “what bird am I”, the grey Duck replied “you are one of us”. So he stayed there and found his home his new brothers also love and they LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

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