Monday, August 5, 2013

My Weekend

My Weekend

On saturday afternoon, I went to play soccer with my cousins. I woke up in the morning and saw my cousins waiting for me in the car. Then I grabbed my soccer ball and my things to the soccer game. Just then we went sliding on the field and found ourselves muddy. We were playing our own soccer game.

After a while I slipped and slided while dribbling after the ball and kicked it into the goal. I shouted out YAY!. I was really excited. I scored a goal for my team and went to have a rest. Luckily my cousin brought some food from home. I suddenly grabbed an ice cream. It was a really hot day.

Its half time for both teams as I gave some water to my cousins. The teams are having a break and getting ready to play. I passed out some food for the teams and then went back to the field and just played around. I was training for the next round.

Half time is over and now we are back in the field getting excited. Just then we started the game off. I kicked the ball out through the field and then my teammates chased it. Simon has the ball and then he kicked it to the goal and one of the players on the other team hand balled it.

By now it is 5 to 0 scores of the day and I placed the ball where it got hand balled and kicked it to the goal. “FULL TIME”, i shouted off as we scored 8 points. After the game my dad took us to carls junior and ate some delicious burgers,chips and milk shakes. I got oreo milk shake.   

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