Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yr 6 Camp Kawau Island

Next week I am off to Kawau island for the Yr 6 Camp. The activities are: Abseiling,Burma Trail,Swimming,Kayaking. I am really looking forward to the food and the wharf jumping many things I am looking forward to.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Horse Trekking Retell

Neisha Woodward lives in a remote area. Neisha is a young teenager and she has a job. She helps her mother with the family horse-trekking. Jane Buxton asks Neisha some difficult questions about her work. JANE. You're far away from any kinds of cities and towns. It’s a
beautiful place,but don’t you think that you’re isolated from the rest of the world. NEISHA. Not at all,its like the world visits us here.

JANE. How does your day begin? Neisha. Uh-mm well I start by doing my Correspondence School work. Also Dad helps me and my sister with that. After our lunch break, I jump on my little pony,bright coloured red, and ride up to the horse yards. I sometimes help my Mum with the afternoon trek. I help Mum by getting the horses in , brush them,and clean their feet out. Mum puts the saddles and bridles on.

JANE. Do you go on the trek, too?
NEISHA. Yes. It’s my job to talk to anyone who is a bit nervous. I show them where the old hotel used to stand and where the fantails are nesting as well.

I point out the tailings. Tailings are the heaps of stone left by gold miners and I tell them the story of the gold miner who moved a large rock in the river and found a fortune of gold. As soon they’re talking and laughing. They forget they’re sitting on a horse. Its also my job to shut the gates. Mum opens them, and shut them behind us.
JANE. How long is this ride? Where do you go?
NEISHA. I don’t know how many kilometres it is,exactly,but we go for three hours. There are several different rides we take people on. Some are quite steep. Some have beautiful views from the hilltops. On some rides, we go through native bush and,if we sit quietly, the robins come around us.

We have to cross rivers on some of the rides. That’s the part the trekkers get most excited about. They’re sure they’re going to fall off in the river. They think they’re get swept away, but they never do. They scream if they get their boots splashed. But they don’t think about me riding behind them. My little pony has ultra-short legs, and I get soaked!

JANE. Do you stop for a rest on the way?

NEISHA. We stop for a afternoon tea under some bushes and trees. Usually we stop by the river or somewhere with a good view. I light the thermette. When the water has boiled, I make the tea. Mum ties up the horses on some near fences or trees so they can have their own tea, too!

JANE. With so many people coming through, you must have some stories to tell.
NEISHA. Yes, some funny things happen. We had a couple who were on their honeymoon. They insisted holding hands while they rode along. Their horses walked one each side of a tree! They looked very surprised. Even they laughed!

Another two girls spent the whole time picking up horse hair off themselves. It was spring, you see. The horses were losing their winter coats. The girls never looked up at the views as they rode along. They just picked off horse hair. When we stopped for lunch, the horses were itchy. They rubbed their heads on the girls, and the girls had to start picking off hair all over again!
Another girl was nervous. She squealed every time her horse took a step. After half an hour, she lost her voice. ...............

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Docking Day Retell

Auntie Mollie opened up the curtains of me and Mikey. It was an early morning. There were stars with a half moon still in the sky from last night. I made sure we were packed because it was Docking Day. “Why do we have to cut off their tales”?, I asked Uncle. “It keeps them clean and keeps flies laying eggs”, he replied. So we packed our, picnic food-(basket), a sack.
Louder and Louder the sheep came rushing in their yards. Lost lambs, worried mothers looking for each other. We yelled at the slow ones at the back to hurry up! “Last year our aunties baked us pies, bread,cake”, we said resting under a tree. “We’ll when we are done with our day we will get some deserts”, they promised us.  

Writing Narrative About Farming

INTRO: Rachel & John are teen twins. Their Mother & Father owned a farm that was well looked after by Rachel & John. Rachel and John’s Mother (Bridget) and Father (Terry) died many years ago. A mysterious person or wild creature killed them. Is Rachel and John gonna survive or not?

We were driving down the dry road looking for the nearest gasoline. There was a truck in front of us, it was so slow. I suddenly cut right in front of him and drove as fast as I could. *HONK HONK* the truck beeped its horn and went in front of us again. “Whats his problem?”,I asked. “I think we made him mad ”,Rachel replied. I speeded past him and he still won’t stop. He Honked again *HONK HONK* and came back in the lead. “He’s got to be kidding me”,I yelled. *HONK HONK*

I drove back in the front of him again then he started to slow down. I speeded over the hills and suddenly something bumped us behind the boot. It was that truck again. “C’mon what does he want”, I said. I looked at the back he was still behind us. “John......John....... John?,”Rachel mumbled. “What? He’s speeding up”.


His horn went louder and louder. “John just pull over now,”Rachel demanded. “If I pull over now he will bump the boot again”,I replied. “Pull over NOW!”,she anxiously yelled. “OK,”I replied. I stopped the car near some bushes and twigs. we waited a bit and Rachel opened the door and and went outside. “What are you doing”,I yelled at Rachel. “I am going to talk to him,”You’ll get hurt,I mumbled. She opened the trucks door suddenly the man in the truck quickly slammed the door and Rachel fell on the ground. “Shoot Rachel Get back in here!,”I asked. “Im fine,”Rachel replied. Rachel went back in the car and waited.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Test (Farming)

I trudged over soft stone bricks and heard the song of chirping birds filled the sky. I glanced at a mysterious shed through a bush. A smell of dirty garbage went in my nose as I jumped over a sharp top fence. I saw a sign that said (NO ENTRY!). “Don’t enter,”I heard something whispering in my ear. “Should I enter”, as I whispered in my head. Suddenly I saw a shadow running across but no one was there. I shouted ,“Is anybody in here.” Nothing responded back. I was seeing cracked walls and a lot of tools in a cabin that was opened. I slipped over a puddle that looked very different and as I touched it I realised it was red-blood. I pulled out my hand and flicked the blood off. “Yuck,”I yelled and heard the echo of my voice.

As I went farer through the shed it got darker and darker till I saw nothing. “Help help,”I called out but no one could hear me. I took one more step and suddenly I fell into something. “Ouch,”I screamed. My leg was caught in a net. I still couldn't see anything. Nothing at all. “Help,”I called out again and still no respond. I stood up and lifted my hands up finding my way out.

Finally I found a bright light shiny in my eyes. I trembled over to the light and it was still far away. When I got there I realised it wasn't light it was just a clock reflecting the torch on the ground. I picked up the torch and went looking for my way out. “Yes,”I yelled as I found a window. I cracked it and jumped out running out.

Conclusion: I finally made it out the creepy shed but..... I still did not know who was watching me. Something really weird was going on! Ahhhhh

The Year's Of Minecraft! (Presentation)

Hi There, this is a presentation that the MINECRAFT-X-perts have made for free blog writing. We had fun making this:) xD