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Biography (One Direction) Report

Title: One Direction Biography!

Orientation: One Direction is a British-Irish boy band based in London. There is five members in One Direction. The oldest is Louis William Tomlinson, 23 years of age, Zayn Javadd Malik (21), Liam James Payne (21), Niall James Horan (21), Harry Edward Styles (20). One Direction is famous for their music and most importantly, them caring for others and willing to help whenever they could.

PARAGRAPH ONE: They all auditioned on the X-Factor UK as individual contestants but they did not make it through to the live shows. So then the judges decided to put them in a group. Harry Styles, the youngest member of the band came up with the name One Direction.

PARAGRAPH TWO:  In 2013 One Direction decided to raise money for Comic Relief. Comic Relief is a British Charity who does an amazing job helping people all over Africa and in the UK living with really tough lives. So the band thought instead of spending money on their music video, they decided to make the video themselves while they were on tour and give the money they saved for Comic Relief.

PARAGRAPH THREE:  Their influence started to spread Stateside and they took the invasion one step at a time. The group signed up as the opening act of Big Time Rush from February  to March 2012. They made a quick stop at the 2012 BRIT Awards where they received the honour of Best British Single for “What Makes You beautiful”.

PARAGRAPH FOUR: In the U.S, the boys were handled by Columbia Records. “What Makes You Beautiful”, was released as their first U.S single and it debuted at number 28 on Billboard Hot 100. Due to the rising hype around the band, the label moved the release date of "Up All Night" a week earlier on March 13, 2012. It performed well on the Billboard Hot 200 chart by going straight to number one for selling 176,000 copies in the first week of sale.

Re-orientation:  One Direction are the biggest boy band from 2010 up to now they are still rising. They have millions of fans and supporters worldwide and that’s what makes One Direction so famous, special and successful young boy band in history.

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Popplet (Word Web)

Vaifoa Multiplication Wheel W8

Vaifoa Triangle Maths (Decimals)

Vaifoa Maths consolidation Week 8 Algorithim Problems

Hexagons: Using algorithms to solve addition and subtraction problems.

1. I have $375 in my and mum gives me $2 to buy a scratchy. I get lucky and win $127 on my scratchie. How much money do I have altogether?

Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:11:47.png

2. At Pt England Primary there are 659 children one day we have children 196 from Tamaki Primary come visit us. How many children are there altogether?

Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:13:43.png
3. I was going on holiday and had $4500 for my trip. My flights cost me $2842. How much money was I left with for my trip?

Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:20:10.png

4. There are 947 people who work at Sylvia Park Mall. One day there is a fire drill and 632 people leave the building. How many people are left at Sylvia park?
Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:22:43.png
5. On my birthday I received $236 from my family in total and added this to my savings that currently had a balance of $1254. How much money do I now have in total?
Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:25:31.png
6. The temperature on Venus is 1683 degrees fahrenheit. One day the temperature drops 387 degree fahrenheit. What is the temperature now on Venus?
Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:28:33.png
7. There were 1693 mls of juice inside the bottle. Miss Clark drinks 573 mls of juice. How much juice is left in the bottle?
Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:31:15.png
8. The oldest cat in the world lived for a total 9463 days. The oldest fish lived for 3853. What was the difference in days between how long the cat had lived compared to the fish?

Screenshot from 2014-03-27 13:35:40.png

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Maths Week 8 Subtraction Problems Using Algorithims

Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:32:22.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:50:02.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:58:40.png*
Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:44:41.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:51:55.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 17:31:48.png*
Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:45:55.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:55:12.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 17:21:26.png*
Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:47:44.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 12:56:52.png*Screenshot from 2014-03-26 17:23:46.png*

a)  756                d)  432                    g)  408
  - 218                   - 188                      -  219
    538                     244                        189

b)  439                 e)  645                    h)  337
 -  207                   - 247                       - 118
    232                     398                        219

c)  631                  f)  321                     i)  650
 - 215                    - 139                      - 218
   416                      182                         432

1.  653                   2.  743                     3.  937                      4.  463    
- 284                     - 428                       - 453                        - 128
  369                        315                        484                           335

e.   532                f.  436                  g.  457                    h.  852                  i.  850
 - 444                   - 154                    - 269                     - 608                    - 372
   88                      282                      188                         244                      478

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Maths Week 8


a)  538                                                d)  355                                        g)  515
   +299                                                   +280                                          +109
     937                                                     635                                             624

b)  214                                                e)  146                                        h)  553
   +108                                                  +155                                            +268
     322                                                    301                                               821

c)  517                                                f)  763                                         i)  346
   +266                                                  +288                                           +245
     783                                                    1051                                            591

1.                           2.                         3.                        4.
  253                         542                      674                     387
+375                      +209                    +584                   +367
  628                        751                      1258                    754

  1.267                         2.184                           3.454                            4.279                   5.318
  +273                           +174                           +686                             +284                    +175
     540                            358                            1140                              563                       493

Monday, March 24, 2014

Multiplication Wheel W7

The Malaysia Airlines Missing!


Title : The Malaysian Airlines Gone Missing!

By line
Writer’s name : Vaifoa LamSam

The lead:
Summary of most important information, i.e.
who, what, where, when and how.

Paragraph 1: The Malaysian Airline MH 370 flight has vanished off the radar screens last week on an early Saturday less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur . The Malaysian Airlines was bound towards Beijing. WIth 239 people on board the flight, they still haven’t manage to find the plane .

Paragraph 2:  At this stage the reason of disappearance is unknown.  The weather was fine, but the plane was at cruising altitude and flew above 35,000 feet and the pilots didn’t send a distress signal. The Malaysian aviation also investigated two New Zealand passengers apparently able to get on the aircraft with stolen passports.

Paragraph 3: It is almost 2 weeks now since the plane still missing. Many people have said, that the two passengers with stolen passports might of turned off the radar signal. The plane maybe was hijacked and the plane did a u turn in the wrong direction before the signal went off, but we don’t have much evidence..

Paragraph 4: Frustration is growing among relatives of those on the plane at lack of progress in search. Relatives anger over the vanished plane information on the fate of their love ones on board the Malaysian Airliner. Malaysian children stand in front of a board with messages to people involved in the missing Malaysia Airlines Jet liner.

Conclusion: Search efforts for the Malaysia Airlines jet has been redoubled after a search plane noticed a pallet and other floating objects in a remote area of the southern Indian Ocean.

The Mah-Jong Man

The Mah-jong Man by Penny Sii
School Journal Part 4 number 3 1994.

WALT:: Make inferences and responding using key information from text.

Success Criteria:I can respond to the text, using information I come across and make my own conclusions depending on how I perceive the text.

Answer the following questions in red:

Looking at the title and the image on the front page what do you think the story is about?
I reckon the story Mah-Jong Man is about a person that’s good at playing Mah-Jong.
Why was Ai Ling’s father walking inside wobbling?
Ai Ling’s father must of been drinking a lot  from the Mah-Jong place.
How did her mother react to her father coming home at this time?
She was very unhappy that her husband was drunk and came in late.
Where had her father been, how did they feel about her father being at this place?
Father continued going to the Mah-Jong place and mum didn’t like father going there because it is a bad place and she didn’t want him losing their money.
Why was Ai’s mum banging and making as much noise as she could while putting the pots and pans away?
She might not want to hear her husband talking fuzzy or she was really mad at him.
In what way do Ai and her mother view her father as being ‘bad’?
Ai ling felt scared because her father was so bad and her mother was angry that he kept on going to the place.
Is Ai happy at home? Why/why not? How do we know this?
Ai ling wasn’t happy because her mother was arguing  with her husband. In page 13 there are words in capitals which means something really bad is going on.
How can we gather that Ai’s mother was angry as a result of her father staying out late again? (Refer to the image and text)
Mother’s lips were pressed closed together in a straight line and there were deep frowning lines on her face.
Where is Ai’s mother taking her and her brother? For what reason do you think her mother is doing this?
Ai’s mother is taking her and her brother to look for their father in every Mah-Jong parlour in Sibu. The reason is because, mother was worried her husband was going to lose all the money they had or he could get into a fight.
Predict what you think will happen next in the story. What is your reasoning for your prediction?
They might not find their father and might get more worried.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Lion King Film Review

The film I've chosen to write my review on is The Lion King directed by Rob Minkoff & Roger Allers. These two men has created a delighted film for kids to enjoy. It is also to let them know, they can not run away from the past.

I really like this film because it helps me with life like helps me show respect. The lion king  film shows a message in the movie and the message is THE CIRCLE OF LIFE............... Young audience could learn a things they did not know about. That is why this film is the best movie to write about or watch.

The main events from this film is when Mufasa & Simba were chased by a stampede. It has a lot of action in this part and it is sad to. This movie gives us the ability to show empathy.,

If I could change the film, there would be no Scar in it and then.........there would be no story!!!! I give this film a 10/10 because the detail in the animation is well drawn and the film is like a journey or a adventure.

Vaifoa Add/Sub Week 7 Maths

a)        8.4-2.9=5.5
+0.1  +0.1
8.5 - 3.0=5.5
f)        15.3-7.7=14.8
+0.3  +0.3
k)         8.3-2.9=5.4
+0.1  +0.1
b)        6.3-2.8=3.5
+0.2   +0.2
g)        12.6-3.8=8.8
+0.2  +0.2
l)         16.4-2.8=13.6
+0.2  +0.2
c)        12.7-3.1=9.6
-0.1  -0.1
12.6 - 3.0=9.6
h)        11.6-4.7=16.9
+0.3  +0.3
m)       15.4-12.1=3.3
-0.1  -0.1
d)        7.5-6.2=1.5
-0.2  -0.2
i)         17.4-2.8=14.6
+0.2  +0.2
n)       13.4-4.3=9.1
-0.3  -0.3
e)        9.8-4.9=15.8
+0.1  +0.1
j)         7.5-5.1=2.4
-0.1  -0.1
o)       15.8-3.9=11.9
-0.1  -0.1

a)11.3-2.8=8.3            d)7.6-4.7=12.7           g)12.2-4.1=9.8
-0.2  -0.2                        +0.2 +0.2                     -0.2 -0.2
10.9-2.6=8.3                     7.8-4.9=12.7                  12.0-3.8=9.8

b)13.5-6.9=7.36          e)12.5-7.8=20.9        h)16.6-0.9=15.7
-0.3 -0.3                   +0.3 +0.3               -0.3 -0.3
13.2-6.6=7.36                12.8-8.1=20.9         16.3-0.6=15.7

c)15.3-2.1=17.7            f)16.1-5.7=11.6           i)8.5-1.8=6.7
+0.1 +0.1                     -0.1 -0.1                 +0.1 +0.1
15.4-2.3=17.7                16.0-5.6=11.6           8.6-1.9=6.7

a) 15.5-4.8=10.7        b) 3.4-1.8=2.4         c) 13.4-6.2=18.6        d) 18.7-4=  1.2
+0.6 +0.6                 +0.2 +0.2              +0.6 +0.6                 +0.3 +0.3
15.7-5.0=10.7             4.0-2.4=2.4            12.0-6.6=18.6            19.0-0.7=1.2

Vaifoa Dr Seuss W6 Reading Activity

Earthquake by Lynn Davis

School Journal November, 2011, level 3

Answer the following questions in blue:

WALT: Use our prior knowledge to discuss the text, make inferences about a text and apply it.

Looking at the title of the text and the image on the first page, what do you think the story is about?
There has been an earthquake in the house and a little girl is sitting patiently under the doorway.
Why did Ellie think she was dreaming?
Ellie’s room was violently shaking.
What does violently mean? Put this word into a sentence.
Violently means that something is shaking really rough and is uncontrolled.
What are five things you should do in the emergency of an earthquake?
1. Take shelter under tables doorways.
2. Move away from windows and mirrors or something with glass.
3. Drop down to the floor.
4. Go under something stable.
5. Cover and hold.

Why did Ellie crouch down?
She was scared that there was an earthquake so she had to crawl under the doorway.
Why would you want to be away from windows and mirrors during an earthquake?
The windows are made from glass and when it cracks, pieces of glass could damage you.
Name a city in New Zealand that has had an earthquake within the past five years. What happened?
There was an earthquake in Christchurch many times and the earthquake has made a whole heap of damage to houses and building. So they had to crush down some buildings that has damage.
How are earthquakes measured?
The magnitude earthquake is measured 7.1.

Why were people in the city of Christchurch advised to drink boiled water only?
Boiling water is best to drink because it could take off the germs. When there are earthquakes, the dust of the buildings go into the waters and there would be germs in it.
Why do you think mum started filling pots with water? Is  this a sensible idea why/why not?
It is a great idea because the water pipes were cut and they need to save water.
What parts of the house were damaged?
Most of the roof tops were damaged and the chimney was broken in parts, and the windows were all cracked.
Why would Ellie’s father want to take the chimney down?
The house was mostly made out of planks & wood. The chimney was made out of bricks and the bricks could fall down and hit someone in the head.
Why were they lucky to have gone to the shops early?
They were lucky because most of the shops were getting demolished.