Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vaifoa Dr Seuss W6 Reading Activity

Earthquake by Lynn Davis

School Journal November, 2011, level 3

Answer the following questions in blue:

WALT: Use our prior knowledge to discuss the text, make inferences about a text and apply it.

Looking at the title of the text and the image on the first page, what do you think the story is about?
There has been an earthquake in the house and a little girl is sitting patiently under the doorway.
Why did Ellie think she was dreaming?
Ellie’s room was violently shaking.
What does violently mean? Put this word into a sentence.
Violently means that something is shaking really rough and is uncontrolled.
What are five things you should do in the emergency of an earthquake?
1. Take shelter under tables doorways.
2. Move away from windows and mirrors or something with glass.
3. Drop down to the floor.
4. Go under something stable.
5. Cover and hold.

Why did Ellie crouch down?
She was scared that there was an earthquake so she had to crawl under the doorway.
Why would you want to be away from windows and mirrors during an earthquake?
The windows are made from glass and when it cracks, pieces of glass could damage you.
Name a city in New Zealand that has had an earthquake within the past five years. What happened?
There was an earthquake in Christchurch many times and the earthquake has made a whole heap of damage to houses and building. So they had to crush down some buildings that has damage.
How are earthquakes measured?
The magnitude earthquake is measured 7.1.

Why were people in the city of Christchurch advised to drink boiled water only?
Boiling water is best to drink because it could take off the germs. When there are earthquakes, the dust of the buildings go into the waters and there would be germs in it.
Why do you think mum started filling pots with water? Is  this a sensible idea why/why not?
It is a great idea because the water pipes were cut and they need to save water.
What parts of the house were damaged?
Most of the roof tops were damaged and the chimney was broken in parts, and the windows were all cracked.
Why would Ellie’s father want to take the chimney down?
The house was mostly made out of planks & wood. The chimney was made out of bricks and the bricks could fall down and hit someone in the head.
Why were they lucky to have gone to the shops early?
They were lucky because most of the shops were getting demolished.

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