Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Reflection Writing"- Term 4 Week 9

Check out the video above for the camp to Marsden in term 1. There will be a little saying that our year eights came up with and it is... S.W.A.L.L and it means how to (show what awesome looks like). Hopefully you enjoy the video made by our very own year eights.

Talofa Lava, my name is Vaifoa L.S and I attend Pt.England school as a year eight student. What I will be writing today will be a reflection that reflects to what our days at Pt.England school has been like over these couple of terms in 2015. Read along to hear all about my journey in 2015. If there are any questions or thoughts please leave a comment below.

About me section:
I am 13 years of age and I am from the islands of Samoa. My best subjects out of all subjects is art. My favourite thing to do when I'm bored is to go out for sports and play really fun games or just go for a sleep. I also love to eat fried chicken with potato salad. I have 7 siblings well including me it’s 8 of us all together.

My favourite things that I enjoy doing when I am really bored, is that I like to go out on the field or a park and play sports perhaps football as in soccer with my siblings and sometimes my whole family. The sport that I enjoy playing at school is soccer. I mostly play soccer with my friends here at school and we play it all the time.

There are not many things that I am good at but here are the things that I am quite good at and that is... perhaps, writing, soccer, mathematics, playing sports, computing knowledge, drawing (graphic art) on paper and on digital drawing. I am quite good at these things because I really enjoy doing them. I love to participate in things even though they are not suitable for me.  

Throughout the overall experience of being part and to be able to learn in the team five intermediate classes. I am really proud of myself for reaching my achievements in 2015. This year, I have been feeling really excited about the events, trips and camps that we have already participated in.

The thing that I found satisfying (what I have enjoyed) about this year with team five was the events, events and the events which was athletics and etc like the sports. I found that fun and exciting. I have always wished that I could be a sportsman when I grow up so that i can make my family and friends proud of what I have accomplished as a student @Pt.England school.

Out of everything that felt difficult will always be the tests and probably the work that we’ve been doing throughout this entire year. But the thing that I find especially hard for myself would be just the tests. But as the tests comes to an end I feel happy that I passed it.

From a scale of one to ten, for this year, I will probably give myself a eight or nine. I gave myself a eight or nine because this year has been the most exciting year I have had out of all my years attending Pt.England school in 2015 as a year eight student.

As a year eight student in pt.england school, in the team five area, I have been contributing within the team five events that have been completed throughout the year as of from the first term, we had to fundraise money so that it could help us with the year eight camp to Marsden. We’ve fundraise for many of things this year and I would like to thank all the parents and people who helped us to fundraise.

For the upcoming year which is 2016, I am looking forward to learn much more and to pass all my tests. What I am also, looking forward to is, hopefully play some sports for the school I will be attending in 2016 which will be T.C (Tamaki College).

The things that I would probably find nerve racking for college is the tests or what college people call it... exams. I have heard- from my college friends in their ninth grade, that it was really difficult for them but I think that I can pass it as I keep improving my studies. What I also find really hard for me is meeting new friends at college.

The thing that I would really have to change in 2016 as I will be a year nine student, would be the effort and being more active in my work. I would also have to be into focusing more so that I could approve throughout my college years. I could also, maybe change my attitude to make life much more easier depending on what decision I make and hopefully I can make really good choices.

For my tutor teacher that I will be getting to meet in the following year,  I would like to say that the things that I am really interested in doing would be the things that I enjoy doing perhaps, like... english, cooking, mathematics, science or biology as I am trying to learn more about the world for its behaviors and for the natural environment around the world. I find science pretty fun as my teachers started talking about the nature.

In 2016 when I go to college, I would probably need more help with my education. I would also need more help with my learning of some sort. Probably some more help with what I am looking for in the future when I am older because I haven’t yet decided what I am going to do in college.

I would love to keep writing more about my journey here at Pt.England school but this reflection has sadly come to an end and hopefully you have enjoyed my reflection, probably most of my entire life in 2015 that I have written in this story. Feel free to leave a comment in the description box below. See ya next year my future teacher!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Comic Man- Text- Reading"

This week for literacy, well... in reading, we have been generating our own questions so that maybe a friend or family can answer them in their spare time. This presentation is all about a text that a little boy likes to draw comics of his own but, I really don't want to spoil it for you so go on and click on the link provided in the presentation and scroll through the presentation to answer the questions given to you by me.... Vaifoa Lam Sam

"The Horror House- Poetry Writing"

The Horror House
The room looks like a mess
But I couldn't care less
The t.v is beaming
Throughout the rotting ceiling
A harmless display?
A treat for the eye?
Perhaps, but be aware
For appearances lie
I looked in the draws
And witnessed old rusty saws

The room looked poor
Pieces of the ceiling covers the floor 
Pieces of the wall has being 
The bed is covered
In pieces from the wall

It smells like trash
It also smells like a man that had no shower year after year
It feels like i’m in a monster's lair
I can see a cool t.v but it doesn't work
The roof and floor needs to be clean without a smirk
It looks like a dump area
The bed felt like someone wet the bed
“What happened?”, as I said

I can smell rat poo
I can also see a rotten shoe
I can hear rats running around
I can also hear a awful sound
I can feel something crawling up my arm
As it makes its way  I feel really num

This room is dirty and also it’s awful and needs more cleaning
The floors are Beaming
and the roof is screaming
It smells like Garbage
so much carnage
need more varnish
So the wooden floors
won’t tarnish
It looks like trash that
has been smashed and clashed
When I walk in the room the room gave way
then I walked away so I could go to the 

By Vaifoa, Promise, PehSo, Damien, Shelford

Hopefully you enjoy!

"This week in our literacy classes, in (writing), we have been learning all about how to write a poetry. We've learnt that poetry can be used in any word saying of some sort, like perhaps, in most celebrity official music, raps as in Eminem, poems such as this one. There are loads of ways people can express poetry. Thank you for reading this!"

Monday, November 9, 2015

"What Is Theme?" - (Presentation)

Talofa Lava, this week for reading in our literacy classes, we have all been learning about what theme is. Here is a presentation of my knowledge of what theme is so that hopefully I can teach young kids or older. Please scroll through this presentation for more information within this topic and if you will like to, please leave a comment below if your interested in what theme is! Thank you for your time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Finding A Theme Of A Text"- Reading

This week during literacy time for reading with Mr Wiseman, we are learning about how to find the theme within the text or a text and maybe you can learn about theme as well.

Friday, October 30, 2015

"The History Of Superman- Man Of Steel" Inquiry

For the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about adaptations of how things change to suit it's better environment or where ever they are. Here is my presentation to show you how superman or in the movies known as the man of steel changed to be able to live on the planet earth. Read through to see more facts about superman! Thank you, feel free to leave some comments below about your thoughts.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

"The Badge Of Honour"- Reading Activity Week 2 Term 4

This week for our reading activity with Mr Wiseman, we have been trying to get our answers from within the text and quoting it from the text for our answers. Hopefully you enjoy reading this. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Where'd They Go?!!!!"

"Where'd They Go?!!!!"
By Vaifoa Lam Sam

I trudged towards the living room feeling the excitement rising up in my hungry little stomach. I could hear the birds chirping in the trees and I knew that this day was going to be a very good day. “Nothing could go wrong on the fourth day of school... right?”, I thought to myself being unsure.

My stomach was aching as I didn't get anything to eat. I swiftly walked into the kitchen and witnessed a bowl of delicious cereal sitting on the eating table. I was really in the mood for a lovely sultana bran. I quickly gobbled up my cereal as I checked the time. “Oh No!!!!”, I yelled as the time was 8:23 am. Seven more minutes till class started.

Then... I rushed into my room and rummaged through my wardrobe to find my uniform. I could see nothing except my collection of football boots and also bits of old paper just lying there. My nose started to twitch as it was really dusty in my wardrobe. I figured that my wardrobe would be needing very good clean after school.

“Where did they go?!!!!”, I yelled impatiently. I was really looking forward to this day because it was the day we had kiwi sport. I finally asked my siblings if they knew anything about it. Their answers were a straight no no! I could see the disappointment on my face as I glared onto the mirror.

After that... I went back into the living room and I witnessed my Mum just sitting on the soft and comfy couch reading the magazine about ‘How to look like a teenager- by Jenny Hamming ton’. I had a little bit of a giggle before I asked her... “Have you seen my uniform for school Mum?” She suddenly replied, “Uhm...yeah they’re in the washing machine” as she pointed to the garage. “But I'm going to be late...aww!!!”, I yelled disappointedly.

Finally, my uniform had came out from the washing machine but then Mum hung it up on the rusty old clothesline to dry it up. “I was obviously going to be late for school”, I thought to myself as I got my school gear and watched t.v for a while until my uniform was dried up. This was not what I had in mind of having a good day. I could sense the feeling that I was going to go straight to re-think because I had been late.

Throughout the overall experience, I realised that I had to wake up earlier and it was probably a lesson that I've learnt throughout the day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"A Mixture Of Word Problems #2"

This week during maths time with Mr Platt and Miss Ingram, we have been doing a revision of the strategies to use in our maths tests coming up soon. Each slide has a different problem that we each have to solve. Scroll through to see more! Thankyou

Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Mixture Of Word Problems"

This week, the first week of school this term in maths, we have been reflecting on our overall prior knowledge that we learnt from the last couple of terms this year. This is a mixture of word problems we have been doing. Feel free to leave comments below!

"Immersion Assembly"

"Immersion Assembly"
by Vaifoa Lam Sam

This term for our topic, we are learning about how to survive anywhere we go and the main focus is to adapt with things or around us like the environment and etc.

If you're sitting on on your chair, wondering what the definition of adaptation is, well... adaptation is when you change to make things suitable for things around you, things that are new to you. Here is my writing about the immersion assembly that we had on Monday, the first day back at school...

I could feel the excitement scorching in my little stomach, knowing that it was immersion assembly for the first day back at school. The fascinating atmosphere smelt like the time of a new beginning...well it was the start of term four. I had finally realized that this year had passed by really quickly.

*Screeeeech* as the microphone made a high shrieking sound making my ears wound. I had a little bit of a fright. I continued on walking to find the nearest seat on the edge so I could see.

As we sat down on our seats, our principal ‘Mr Burt’, had eventually started to play his guitar as it was time to sing the national anthem. A couple of minutes had gone by and it was the time for Mr Burt's little movie or item. I found it really captivating that his movie was about a fiapoko parrot- (the misleading parrot)

Then as soon as Mr Burt concluded his last words for his item, he announced the next team to perform. “Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for... teammmm one”, he yelled with expression.

Just then, the leader of team one ‘Miss George’ swiftly went onto the stage and explained to us what they were going to be learning about this term. As she finished her speech, a movie suddenly played and it showed hilarious animals from the zoo.

After about thirty or forty minutes, it was finally time for team fives item, which was the intermediate block. Suddenly, Mr Wiseman- (one of the teachers in the intermediate block) introduced us to their performance. “We are going to have a noodle eating competition and the winner gets to keep my Mr Monkey, the stuffed monkey”, he said as he placed Mr Monkey on the stage.

Mr Wiseman went on and on about the rules of the competition and one of them was that they had to eat with traditional Asian chopsticks. I could see that the other teachers won’t comfortable with chopsticks because they usually eat with either their hands or forks, whatever their tradition is. I could sense the winner of the competition and it would probably be Miss Clark.

I knew that she was really comfortable using chopsticks because it’s her tradition and maybe other people noticed that as well. I could hear people cheering for her as she celebrates her victory. After the competition, the other competitors had a argument about it wasn't fair that they are different to each other and they also had different ways to adapt to their environment.

After the overall experience, I was pretty impressed with the performance that the teachers had been busy doing throughout the holidays. I was really amused.   

Friday, September 25, 2015

"A Race Against Time!"

This week in literacy, for writing with our teacher Mr Wiseman, we have been learning about how to write a recount. We are practising for a writing test coming up soon in term 4 and here is a recount writing about what can you see from another person's perspective- (point of view) and I have chosen to write about the red and white runner coming in second place. The writing is below enjoy! :)

"A Race Against Time"
by Vaifoa Lam Sam

Trudging towards the stadium gateway with my coach on the side of me, giving me tips of how to keep running even though my head tells me to stop. “Chin up, elbows up and eyes looking towards the finishing line,” he said as he squirted water on my head.

When we entered the stadium, photographers took photos of us. The flashes of their cameras wounded my eyes and I tried rummaging through them as police officers pushed them away.

As I walked calmly onto the rugged edge of the  starting line with the other five competitors, I could hear an excited young man yelling out my name from the crowd. I peaked to the left and witnessed him standing right there on the first row with his hand waving left to right. I felt nervous that I was going to come in last place of the race and disappoint my fans.

Then the commentator finally yelled through the loudspeaker,“On your marks... get set”. We waited until he pulled the trigger of the gun.......... Boom! As the gun bullet flew out with a high shrieking sound, I began sprinting towards the five metre mark with the others beside me.

We finally reached the thirty metre mark and just then the English competitor on the eighth lane accidentally slipped, I felt uncomfortable that I was going to do the same. I glared to the left and something caught the tip of my eye. It was the same young man waving both of his hands in the air. I couldn't believe how excited he was about this race.

Forty metres left until the race is over. I could see that from Usain Bolt’s point of view, he knows that he is going to easily win this match. I was at the back of the other Jamaican competitor just by three centimetres.

For the first time in my career, I felt like I was going to give up. I could feel the pain in my calves but I couldn't let my family, coach and fans down. So therefore, I started sprinting my heart out. A sound echoed in my head, repeatedly saying you can never past the finishing line!  The Jamaican competitor was right beside me knowing that I have slowed down a bit until I decided to speed up.

*Beeeep* as the air horn finally shattered out a flat screech sound as I finished the race in second place and Usain Bolt in first. As I passed the finish line, I could smell body odour from the competitors beside me. In all my days of hard work, it has all worked off but I have made it to the finals and now I will have to work even harder to achieve my goals.

Throughout the overall experience, it has been a really fun race with all the competitors, and I have learnt... that if I would of have listened to my head, I would probably lose my chance of getting into the finals.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Measuring Angles- Triangles & Pentagons

Today in maths with Miss Peato and Miss Ingram, we have been learning about how to measure different types of angles and also different types of triangles. An acute triangle is less than 90° and a obtuse is more than 90°. Thank you for reading.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Recount Tree Structure (Not The Actual Writing)

This week for our writing task, in our literacy class, we have been working on writing a recount. This presentation is to show you what we've learnt about how to write a recount. In our literacy groups, we've used a word that helps us to write a perfect recount which is T.R.E.E. The T stands for title, R is Reveal, E is events and the other E is ending. We all are still trying to finish off our actual writing and I'll make sure to post it up whenever I can. Thank you for reading my blog!

Friday, September 11, 2015

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick

How to prevent yourself from getting sick: CRAFT
Remember the S.E.E structure.
Statement - Use a sentence starter to state a cause - To prevent yourself from getting sick you...
Explain - Define the cause - this means . . .
Evidence/Example - explain the effect of the cause - if you do that then . . .

What is your Explanation about?
How to prevent yourself from getting sick.
What are you going to explain?  Why is it important for us to pay attention to what you have to say?
Have you ever been sick of being sick? Well... this is an explanation about... how to prevent yourself from getting sick as you can see from the title. Tune in and you will, hopefully be able to keep yourself away from the cold or any other sickness.
Paragraph One
What is the first way you we can prevent yourself from getting sick?  How does that prevent people getting sick?

One of the easiest and best ways to prevent yourself from getting sick is to never   share your food or drinks with a person that has the flu or a person who is feeling unwell. This means you should always never accept anything that they give you if they have bitten it whether it’s a piece of sandwich. If they give you a sandwich that they have bitten you could take the part that they bitten and eat the rest. If you do this... you will not have other people's bacteria. This will stop you from getting other people sick by spreading them around the place from any kind of sickness.

Paragraph Two
What is the second way we can prevent yourself from getting sick? How does that prevent people getting sick?
Another way to prevent yourself from getting sick, is to keep warm so that you wouldn't get the cold. To keep warm you should wear a nice warm jacket/jumper or you could just get anything that you’ll be comfortable and warm in. Most people just stay inside their homes while it’s the winter or it is just cold outside and have a cup of hot chocolate. If you do this, you won’t get the cold and it will avoid your body from getting a bad sickness. If you don’t do this, you will get yourself or others sick.  
Paragraph Three
What is the third way you can prevent yourself from getting sick?  How does that prevent people getting sick
The third way of preventing yourself from getting sick is to use hand sanitizer when you have been playing outside and etc to stop you from getting germs from others. If you do this, you will be a really healthy person...well depends on what you eat everyday. By using a hand sanitizer you will be able to keep the germs away.
The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats a key message to end.  This could be a recommendation or a personal connection.
Now that you know how to prevent yourself from getting sick... you can now live a happy life and maybe you could even tell another person about why it is important to use hand sanitizers or any skin products.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Talking Points Reflection

Today in literacy with Mr Wiseman, we were given a Google Drawing called Talking Points Reflection. We also done a group talk in our reading groups and we had to actively speak and listen.  Here is my reflection drawing that I have done today. Hopefully you enjoyed!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Maths Time Word Problems

Hello this week in maths, we have been learning about how to tell the time in both analogue and digital clocks. Analogue is a type of clock that has a 24 hour time and the digital type of clock is a 12 hour time. Most people find digital time easier to read. A analogue clock has 3 hands that spin around throughout the day. Thank you for reading hopefully you enjoyed!

Here is a picture of an analogue clock!
Image result for analogue clock

And here is a picture of a digital clock!

Image result for digital clock