Thursday, December 3, 2015

"The Horror House- Poetry Writing"

The Horror House
The room looks like a mess
But I couldn't care less
The t.v is beaming
Throughout the rotting ceiling
A harmless display?
A treat for the eye?
Perhaps, but be aware
For appearances lie
I looked in the draws
And witnessed old rusty saws

The room looked poor
Pieces of the ceiling covers the floor 
Pieces of the wall has being 
The bed is covered
In pieces from the wall

It smells like trash
It also smells like a man that had no shower year after year
It feels like i’m in a monster's lair
I can see a cool t.v but it doesn't work
The roof and floor needs to be clean without a smirk
It looks like a dump area
The bed felt like someone wet the bed
“What happened?”, as I said

I can smell rat poo
I can also see a rotten shoe
I can hear rats running around
I can also hear a awful sound
I can feel something crawling up my arm
As it makes its way  I feel really num

This room is dirty and also it’s awful and needs more cleaning
The floors are Beaming
and the roof is screaming
It smells like Garbage
so much carnage
need more varnish
So the wooden floors
won’t tarnish
It looks like trash that
has been smashed and clashed
When I walk in the room the room gave way
then I walked away so I could go to the 

By Vaifoa, Promise, PehSo, Damien, Shelford

Hopefully you enjoy!

"This week in our literacy classes, in (writing), we have been learning all about how to write a poetry. We've learnt that poetry can be used in any word saying of some sort, like perhaps, in most celebrity official music, raps as in Eminem, poems such as this one. There are loads of ways people can express poetry. Thank you for reading this!"

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  1. Hi Vaifoa...
    I liked how you came up with lots of wonderful words that rhyme together. I hope that you would be good one day. THANKYOU....