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Commonwealth Games Activity

The Commonwealth Games is an international sporting competition involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations. The first Commonwealth Games were held in Canada in Hamilton, 1930. They were initially called the British Empire Games. The Games has taken place every 4 years except during 1942 and 1946 when they were cancelled due to the Second World War.
There are 53 countries which take part in the Commonwealth Games but 71 teams compete as a number of territories and island states take part under their own flag. Britain also sends four separate teams; Scotland, England,Wales and Northern Ireland.
A host city is selected for each Commonwealth Games and 18 cities have hosted the Games in 7 countries. Two cities have hosted the Games twice, Edinburgh in Scotland and Auckland in New Zealand The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games is the
Twentieth. Games and is written in Roman numerals as XX.
Australia, Canada, Scotland, Wales, 1930, 1946, Empire, Nations, Twentieth, 71, 54, 4.

Find the meaning to the following words and put them into a sentence:

Commonwealth-An independent state or community, especially democratic republic.
Games-A form of competitive activity or sport played to rules.
Sport-An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
Competition-The activity or condition of striving to to gain or win something by defeating over others
Medals-It is a metal coin for athletes or any related things for honour and to win.
Countries-A nation or state that is from around the world.
Representing-Playing for your team in sports.
Nations-A huge form of people that descent history, culture or language.
Flags-A small piece of cloth that represents a culture.
Athletes-A person that proficient in sports or another form of physical exercise.
Glasgow-It is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom.
Fitness-A type of exercise that makes you fit and it is good for your body.
Hydration-The addition of water to a chemical molecule without hydrolysis.
Diet-The kinds of food that a person eats.
Exercise-An activity requiring to fitness.
Endurance-The ability to endure an unpleasant process of giving way.
Strength-The quality or state of being physically strong.
Training-The action of teaching people a skill or type of behavior.
Sportsmanship-Supporting your family or friends in sports or other things.

Week 1 Term 3-Holiday Recount

One early morning, sun shining bright through my bedroom curtains making my eyes wound. Knowing that today was the first day of the school holidays. I swiftly and carefully trudged down to the bathroom and had a 2 minute shower. As soon I had finished having a shower I rushed to my wardrobe. I got out a fancy old black jersey, new pair of skinny jeans and my old converses.  

I made my way for the car trying to beat my siblings as I wanted to sit in the front seat, off to the beach. The boot is full of full suitcases and all the spare seat has 4 big ones stacked up as well. We are on our way to the coast for the summer. Two weeks of swimming, sand and sun, paradise. It’s a 4 hour drive and we've been in the car for an hour and a half.

I built a sandcastle with my little brother. The sun was very hot, which made me thirsty. Luckily my mum went and bought us ice-creams. A few minutes later we went for a swim and I started splashing water at my dad. We were all playing a lot of different games and just having fun until we had to go back to our home and took a shower.

Jump Shot Journal Activity

Jump shot by Norman Bilbrough

Profile – The Coach – Kenny McFadden
In your own words give a one sentence answer to each of the following questions.
1. How did Kenny McFadden get into sport when he was young? When Kenny Mcfadden was young his dad coached gridiron but his dad wanted him to play any sport so he started to play gridiron, basketball and baseball.
2. When did he start the Hoop Club?
The Hoop Club started in 1996 before Kenny came to New Zealand.
3. Is basketball a challenging sport?
Yes because you have to run all the time and you need to breathe properly. And basketball also teaches you to use your hands and eyes at the same time.
4. What is Kenny’s favourite food?
Kenny’s favourite foods for breakfast is Hamburgers and Weet Bix.
5. What advice does Kenny have for kids just starting out at basketball?
Always and Must listen to your coach, use time dribbling, passing and how to do shooting skills. Must eat your vegetables.
6. Where was Kenny McFadden born?
Kenny Mcfadden was born in United States.

Profile – The Player – ApitiTiHei Maihi
1. In the story, how old and how tall is ApitiTiHei?
He is 1.8 metres tall and he was always the tallest in his classroom.
2. What is his favourite food?
Apititihei loved to eat junk food but he was only aloud to eat takeaways once a week.
3. What does he like best at school, other than playing basketball?
Likes to do his homework at home and cleans up his bedroom and likes to do art at school.
4. How would you describe ApitiTiHei Maihi ? Give reasons for your answer.
ApitiTiHei Maihi likes to play basketball with his mates (friends). He is also a young and fit basketball player.

Referring to the text what are the common Basketball Injuries
1. Broken Ankles are easy to roll and twisted.
2. Finkers can be broken or be dislocated.
3. Knees could swell.
4. Some basketball players wear goggles to ignore fingers hitting their eyes.
Present to Past Tense:  Make the following text past tense by changing the underlined words.

The first game started with a tip-off between ApitiTiHei and Te Amo, the tallest player in the girl’s team.  The boys got possession and moved the ball quickly up the court.
There were two missed shots before ApitiTiHei did a terrific right-handed lay-up and scored the first goal.

What are two skills players learn at Hoop Club?
1. Dribbling
2. Jump Shot
What is dribbling? Why do all players need to practise it?
Because dribbling is part of the game and it is a good technique so that they have control of the ball.
Who won the first game between  the boys and the girls?
The boys won from 25 points to 7 for the girls.
What was the reason that this team won?
The boys talked with their coach or assistant during the break and trying to work together by looking for ways to improve their game.
Coach Kenny McFadden gives advice to his players; write this advice down in a list form.
1. Listen to your coach.
2. Put in time dribbling
3. Passing
4. Shooting Skills
5. Eat Vegetables
What do you think the word ‘substitute’ means?
It means when a player is injured that player comes to rest and the reserved or sub players goes to play. Like replacing them.
What is one girls reaction when she finds out that Apiti is playing? Why do you think she has this reaction?
Te Amo is groaning because Apiti is a very good player and she doesn’t want to lose.
How would Apiti have felt when he scored his first shot?
I think that Apiti would of felt very happy scoring the first goal for his team.
What sorts of things would the assistant coach have said during the break between the games? The assistant has a little pep talk about looking for ways to improve in their games.

Why do you think Apiti does not tell anyone about his aims?
So that they won’t take advantage of him using his aiming moves.
“Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars “
What do you think this quote means?
I think it means aiming for the little square on near the basketball hoop pretending it is the moon.
Create a basketball team of 10 players only.
Your basketball team needs to consist of 10 famous players with different strengths.
1. Paul George
2. LeBron James
3. Kevin Durant
4. Stephen Curry
5. Milwaukee Bucks
6. Dallas Mavericks
7. Kobe Bryant
8. Amar’e Stoudemire
9. Sahara Ray
10. Ivan Rabb

You need to justify and state why you have chosen these specific players for your team.
Because these players are very talented at basketball and they have skills, courage, support and they work as a team.
You need to state your teams strengths.
Defending,Striking,Good Shooting Skills, Stepping, Dodging and Dribbling.
Lastly you need to come up with an original name for your team

Silver Loonatics

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Commonwealth Maths

Commonwealth Maths
How fast is Usain Bolt?
The World’s Fastest Man

Usain Bolt holds the 100m World Record at 9.58 seconds.
1. Going at that speed, how long would it take him to run:
(a) 1km (1000m) 9.58 x 10=95.80
(b) 1 mile (1600 metres) (1.6km) 9.58 x 16=  (153.28)
(c) A marathon (26.2 miles)9.58 x 26.2= 250.99

2.  What is his speed in
(a) Metres per second -4.28  
(b) Miles per hour - 21.42

Triangle Fractions W1 T3