Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Reflection Writing"- Term 4 Week 9

Check out the video above for the camp to Marsden in term 1. There will be a little saying that our year eights came up with and it is... S.W.A.L.L and it means how to (show what awesome looks like). Hopefully you enjoy the video made by our very own year eights.

Talofa Lava, my name is Vaifoa L.S and I attend Pt.England school as a year eight student. What I will be writing today will be a reflection that reflects to what our days at Pt.England school has been like over these couple of terms in 2015. Read along to hear all about my journey in 2015. If there are any questions or thoughts please leave a comment below.

About me section:
I am 13 years of age and I am from the islands of Samoa. My best subjects out of all subjects is art. My favourite thing to do when I'm bored is to go out for sports and play really fun games or just go for a sleep. I also love to eat fried chicken with potato salad. I have 7 siblings well including me it’s 8 of us all together.

My favourite things that I enjoy doing when I am really bored, is that I like to go out on the field or a park and play sports perhaps football as in soccer with my siblings and sometimes my whole family. The sport that I enjoy playing at school is soccer. I mostly play soccer with my friends here at school and we play it all the time.

There are not many things that I am good at but here are the things that I am quite good at and that is... perhaps, writing, soccer, mathematics, playing sports, computing knowledge, drawing (graphic art) on paper and on digital drawing. I am quite good at these things because I really enjoy doing them. I love to participate in things even though they are not suitable for me.  

Throughout the overall experience of being part and to be able to learn in the team five intermediate classes. I am really proud of myself for reaching my achievements in 2015. This year, I have been feeling really excited about the events, trips and camps that we have already participated in.

The thing that I found satisfying (what I have enjoyed) about this year with team five was the events, events and the events which was athletics and etc like the sports. I found that fun and exciting. I have always wished that I could be a sportsman when I grow up so that i can make my family and friends proud of what I have accomplished as a student @Pt.England school.

Out of everything that felt difficult will always be the tests and probably the work that we’ve been doing throughout this entire year. But the thing that I find especially hard for myself would be just the tests. But as the tests comes to an end I feel happy that I passed it.

From a scale of one to ten, for this year, I will probably give myself a eight or nine. I gave myself a eight or nine because this year has been the most exciting year I have had out of all my years attending Pt.England school in 2015 as a year eight student.

As a year eight student in pt.england school, in the team five area, I have been contributing within the team five events that have been completed throughout the year as of from the first term, we had to fundraise money so that it could help us with the year eight camp to Marsden. We’ve fundraise for many of things this year and I would like to thank all the parents and people who helped us to fundraise.

For the upcoming year which is 2016, I am looking forward to learn much more and to pass all my tests. What I am also, looking forward to is, hopefully play some sports for the school I will be attending in 2016 which will be T.C (Tamaki College).

The things that I would probably find nerve racking for college is the tests or what college people call it... exams. I have heard- from my college friends in their ninth grade, that it was really difficult for them but I think that I can pass it as I keep improving my studies. What I also find really hard for me is meeting new friends at college.

The thing that I would really have to change in 2016 as I will be a year nine student, would be the effort and being more active in my work. I would also have to be into focusing more so that I could approve throughout my college years. I could also, maybe change my attitude to make life much more easier depending on what decision I make and hopefully I can make really good choices.

For my tutor teacher that I will be getting to meet in the following year,  I would like to say that the things that I am really interested in doing would be the things that I enjoy doing perhaps, like... english, cooking, mathematics, science or biology as I am trying to learn more about the world for its behaviors and for the natural environment around the world. I find science pretty fun as my teachers started talking about the nature.

In 2016 when I go to college, I would probably need more help with my education. I would also need more help with my learning of some sort. Probably some more help with what I am looking for in the future when I am older because I haven’t yet decided what I am going to do in college.

I would love to keep writing more about my journey here at Pt.England school but this reflection has sadly come to an end and hopefully you have enjoyed my reflection, probably most of my entire life in 2015 that I have written in this story. Feel free to leave a comment in the description box below. See ya next year my future teacher!


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