Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Where'd They Go?!!!!"

"Where'd They Go?!!!!"
By Vaifoa Lam Sam

I trudged towards the living room feeling the excitement rising up in my hungry little stomach. I could hear the birds chirping in the trees and I knew that this day was going to be a very good day. “Nothing could go wrong on the fourth day of school... right?”, I thought to myself being unsure.

My stomach was aching as I didn't get anything to eat. I swiftly walked into the kitchen and witnessed a bowl of delicious cereal sitting on the eating table. I was really in the mood for a lovely sultana bran. I quickly gobbled up my cereal as I checked the time. “Oh No!!!!”, I yelled as the time was 8:23 am. Seven more minutes till class started.

Then... I rushed into my room and rummaged through my wardrobe to find my uniform. I could see nothing except my collection of football boots and also bits of old paper just lying there. My nose started to twitch as it was really dusty in my wardrobe. I figured that my wardrobe would be needing very good clean after school.

“Where did they go?!!!!”, I yelled impatiently. I was really looking forward to this day because it was the day we had kiwi sport. I finally asked my siblings if they knew anything about it. Their answers were a straight no no! I could see the disappointment on my face as I glared onto the mirror.

After that... I went back into the living room and I witnessed my Mum just sitting on the soft and comfy couch reading the magazine about ‘How to look like a teenager- by Jenny Hamming ton’. I had a little bit of a giggle before I asked her... “Have you seen my uniform for school Mum?” She suddenly replied, “Uhm...yeah they’re in the washing machine” as she pointed to the garage. “But I'm going to be late...aww!!!”, I yelled disappointedly.

Finally, my uniform had came out from the washing machine but then Mum hung it up on the rusty old clothesline to dry it up. “I was obviously going to be late for school”, I thought to myself as I got my school gear and watched t.v for a while until my uniform was dried up. This was not what I had in mind of having a good day. I could sense the feeling that I was going to go straight to re-think because I had been late.

Throughout the overall experience, I realised that I had to wake up earlier and it was probably a lesson that I've learnt throughout the day.

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  1. Hi Vaifoa, I really like all the descriptive language you have used. Keep it up!