Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Immersion Assembly"

"Immersion Assembly"
by Vaifoa Lam Sam

This term for our topic, we are learning about how to survive anywhere we go and the main focus is to adapt with things or around us like the environment and etc.

If you're sitting on on your chair, wondering what the definition of adaptation is, well... adaptation is when you change to make things suitable for things around you, things that are new to you. Here is my writing about the immersion assembly that we had on Monday, the first day back at school...

I could feel the excitement scorching in my little stomach, knowing that it was immersion assembly for the first day back at school. The fascinating atmosphere smelt like the time of a new beginning...well it was the start of term four. I had finally realized that this year had passed by really quickly.

*Screeeeech* as the microphone made a high shrieking sound making my ears wound. I had a little bit of a fright. I continued on walking to find the nearest seat on the edge so I could see.

As we sat down on our seats, our principal ‘Mr Burt’, had eventually started to play his guitar as it was time to sing the national anthem. A couple of minutes had gone by and it was the time for Mr Burt's little movie or item. I found it really captivating that his movie was about a fiapoko parrot- (the misleading parrot)

Then as soon as Mr Burt concluded his last words for his item, he announced the next team to perform. “Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for... teammmm one”, he yelled with expression.

Just then, the leader of team one ‘Miss George’ swiftly went onto the stage and explained to us what they were going to be learning about this term. As she finished her speech, a movie suddenly played and it showed hilarious animals from the zoo.

After about thirty or forty minutes, it was finally time for team fives item, which was the intermediate block. Suddenly, Mr Wiseman- (one of the teachers in the intermediate block) introduced us to their performance. “We are going to have a noodle eating competition and the winner gets to keep my Mr Monkey, the stuffed monkey”, he said as he placed Mr Monkey on the stage.

Mr Wiseman went on and on about the rules of the competition and one of them was that they had to eat with traditional Asian chopsticks. I could see that the other teachers won’t comfortable with chopsticks because they usually eat with either their hands or forks, whatever their tradition is. I could sense the winner of the competition and it would probably be Miss Clark.

I knew that she was really comfortable using chopsticks because it’s her tradition and maybe other people noticed that as well. I could hear people cheering for her as she celebrates her victory. After the competition, the other competitors had a argument about it wasn't fair that they are different to each other and they also had different ways to adapt to their environment.

After the overall experience, I was pretty impressed with the performance that the teachers had been busy doing throughout the holidays. I was really amused.   

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