Thursday, November 7, 2013

Writing Narrative About Farming

INTRO: Rachel & John are teen twins. Their Mother & Father owned a farm that was well looked after by Rachel & John. Rachel and John’s Mother (Bridget) and Father (Terry) died many years ago. A mysterious person or wild creature killed them. Is Rachel and John gonna survive or not?

We were driving down the dry road looking for the nearest gasoline. There was a truck in front of us, it was so slow. I suddenly cut right in front of him and drove as fast as I could. *HONK HONK* the truck beeped its horn and went in front of us again. “Whats his problem?”,I asked. “I think we made him mad ”,Rachel replied. I speeded past him and he still won’t stop. He Honked again *HONK HONK* and came back in the lead. “He’s got to be kidding me”,I yelled. *HONK HONK*

I drove back in the front of him again then he started to slow down. I speeded over the hills and suddenly something bumped us behind the boot. It was that truck again. “C’mon what does he want”, I said. I looked at the back he was still behind us. “John......John....... John?,”Rachel mumbled. “What? He’s speeding up”.


His horn went louder and louder. “John just pull over now,”Rachel demanded. “If I pull over now he will bump the boot again”,I replied. “Pull over NOW!”,she anxiously yelled. “OK,”I replied. I stopped the car near some bushes and twigs. we waited a bit and Rachel opened the door and and went outside. “What are you doing”,I yelled at Rachel. “I am going to talk to him,”You’ll get hurt,I mumbled. She opened the trucks door suddenly the man in the truck quickly slammed the door and Rachel fell on the ground. “Shoot Rachel Get back in here!,”I asked. “Im fine,”Rachel replied. Rachel went back in the car and waited.


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