Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ugly Duckling

One morning in new zealand 2013, 8:30 am , up in Mt. wellington there was a massive house. A mansion with farm animals. In a paddock, there was a duck with a pretty nest sitting on 6 pretty eggs. But one was larger than the others. It was grey!

“Why was it grey?” Asked father duck standing there like a statue. “When I lived next to Omaru creek, I went fishing and diving for some food for the little ducklings. But, one of the eggs slipped into the contaminated water. The catfish almost ate it, but I swooped in just in time.” Mother duck said.

By the next beautiful morning, the ducklings were still sitting on her eggs. The eggs were not hatching properly, so mother duck cracked the eggs a little to help the little ducklings be free. Mother duck was so overjoyed, but then she was worried, as the largest egg haven't hatched yet.

She waited, and waited, until she heard a little crack underneath her. But it was cracking slowly. She was becoming impatient. “If this egg does not hatch soon, I will leave it alone in Omaru Creek, while I teach the other ducklings to swim and fly” Mother duck thought anxiously.  

Soon after, another crack after another, the 6th duck came out from its shell, it was a large ugly duckling. The little duckling was grey, and its beak was as small as a miniature ice cream cone. His hair was bluffed up with wet feathers, and it was so fat.

As soon as the duckling came out, mother duck went out fishing. “Its ugly!”, yelled father duck. When mother duck saw the ugly duckling, she said “I should have let him die. ”, Mother duck whispered. “What kind of bird am I? I look different.” The ugly duckling politely asked.

“You are the ugliest duckling ever! You are a contaminated bird!” replied the mother duck in rage quit mode. The ugly duckling was not happy. Mother duck fed the other ducklings, except for the poor, ugly, duckling. All of his brothers teased him.

So he hopped out of the nest, and tried to find out where he came from, and what bird he is. Walking around in sadness, the little duckling saw some french geese right at the bottom of the hill, in another paddock swimming, and laughing happily. The little ugly duckling went up to them. “What kind of bird I am?” He asked cutely. But as soon he asked them, they replied: “You are the ugliest duckling ever, and you are not a bird. Get away.”
END OF PART 1-Part 2
The ugly duckling was walking around feeling sad. He couldn’t fly, or swim. The ugly poor duckling saw some birds with scaly feathers. Then an assassin came out of his truck, with a sniper gun. He was shooting the birds. The birds flew away, but just then the assassin shot them down. “Luckily I can’t fly.” Mumbled the duckling, running away.

After a while, the duckling soon spotted a massive pond with a lot of little lily pads. “Oh no, the little duckling yelled sacredly. I can’t swim.” The duckling was so scared.

Then the little duckling had an amazing idea! He whispered to himself saying “I could jump on the lily pads one by one to get to the other side! I’m so smart!” he exclaimed.

He started walking away, to find some other ducks that will help him. Finally he saw some ducks with long beaks and short tails. So then he went on his way to them and began to asked them the same question he’d wanted to know about. He asked “What kind of bird am I? Then they gave him exactly the same answer he was given. “You are the ugliest duckling ever! You are a contaminated bird!”

So he kept walking along the footpath and trying to find somebody. As he was walking he kicked pebbles on the way and curled his feathers so he could be warm. Just then a large bird flew past him. “What was that?, he mumbled as the bird crashed landed on a piece of branch. He went up to it and, the large bird suddenly yelled “BOO!” The little poor duckling screamed “Ahhh!” and went away screaming in tears. The large bird walked back to the duckling and quietly said to him, “Sorry, my bad. Are you alright.” The the duckling replied, “Yes, but you scared me a little bit. Wait! What type of bird am I?” The big bird took a good look at the duckling. “You look kind of like MY children.”

“My family’s children are always born in Omaru Creek.” The big bird carried on. “One of my eggs went missing. Maybe it was your egg.” The duckling thought for a while. “Yeah, maybe I am!” He shouted. “That means you’re my dad!” The little duckling hugged his dad with tears of joy trickling down.

Now, the duckling knows that he isn’t contaminated. He’s one of the rarest birds on earth, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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