Thursday, October 17, 2013

Watching Smurfs In The Holiday's!!

On Monday last week in the holidays, waking up getting ready to go to the cinemas I suddenly woke up and yawned,“Ahhh!” stretching my arms. “Good morning”, said Mom, as she came in with a cup of tea and pancake. “Good Morning”, I replied. “Are we going cinemas? ”, I asked waiting for moms answer. “Yes!”, she replied as I went to my closet and chosen my clothes to wear and went in the car.

I hopped in the car and settled in the front seat all buckled up and listening to music. Suddenly my mom came out of the house locking the doors and windows,then she came running in the car. She put on her glasses and styled her hair while I wait for her. “What movie we are going to see?”, I asked. “Smurfs Two”, Mom replied.

As we were driving in sylvia park we went in the cinemas and got our two tickets. “Yay!”, I yelled, I was really excited. I sat down on a chair and the movie started. “Ooohhh!”, I whispered as the movie went on.......

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