Thursday, October 31, 2013

(Roller Coaster Narrative Writing)

INTRO: My clock beeped as it was 6:00AM I woke up seeing a bright light shining in my eyes. I flicked off my blanket, hopped out of my bed and slightly opened up the curtains. My sister Darcy was still asleep so then I shaked her bed and tipped her over. “ Ahhh!”, my sister screamed and pushed me. “Good Morning, hahaha”, I laughed. “Not funny”, she replied as I lift her up.


I headed over to the kitchen and placed a bowl with a spoon on the table and got out some Crunchy Cornflakes. I poured it in the bowl, opened up some juicy milk, tipped it in my Cornflakes. “Yum”, I mumbled with my mouth stuffed. “Where’s my breakfast”, Darcy asked. “Get it your own”, I giggled.


“What are we going to do this weekends Darcy?”, I asked . “I wanna go to Disney Land in the roller coaster”, she replied begging. “Fine to me”, I said putting on my shoes and jacket. Darcy was in the mirror brushing her hair. I asked her, “You wanna drive? Sure hand me the keys. I threw her the keys and went in the car.


Driving down the car lot looking for a spot to park the car. “There over there”, I yelled pointing at a empty car park next to a black car. “Thanks”, as Darcy parked the car. I ran outside looking at a amazing view. “Wow this is cool”,I yelled.  Darcy handed out some cash to the ticket person and got two tickets. “Thanks have a good day!”, the ticket person shouted. “ OK lets have fun!”,Darcy said.


Darcy hand the tickets to the ticket collector and went inside the cart. I hopped in with her. 7.....6......5......4.....3.....2.....1.... as the ticket collector pulled the lever on the right and the carts started moving. “Wooohhhhhh!!!”,I shouted and suddenly i heard something creep. “You hear that?”, I asked Darcy. “Yes what's going on? “I heard something creep”,I replied. The creep went louder and louder until it stopped.



“That was weird!”,I whispered.  We were stuck on top of the world trying to get down. I tried pushing the cart so it would go down but it would crack more. So then I looked inside my sisters purse and got out some tape. I climbed down carefully and in a sudden I saw something that was cracked. I quickly taped it together and pulled them. “I fixed it”,I yelled. I went back on top with Darcy and slowly the roller coaster started to move again. We went back down safely.

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