Monday, October 21, 2013

Visiting My Cousins

In the weekends, on saturday night I visited my aunty. It was my cousins birthday. We had tones of fun! My mum helped with the cooking while we played on my Laptop. "Dinner is ready!", my mum yelled. We rushed to the kitchen and prepared our plates, getting ready to eat. Aunt Rachael, placed a plate with barbecued chickens and sausages on them. My mom prepared us some KFC and chicken nibbles. It looked so delicious. "Dig in", mum said. We helped our selves, stuffing pieces of chicken in our mouths. "Mmmmm", as I finished with my piece of chicken.

"Dessert time!", My aunt yelled. My brother and sister also cousins all rushed up to get their yummy desserts. I grabbed a cone and dipped in the ice cream. "Yum", I mumbled while eating my ice cream. I also grabbed one piece of chocolate cake with  lot of fillings on it. Strawberries all over my cake with nice chocolate flavour.

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