Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Reflection

Over about the last couple of days using netbooks I have learnt many things from my teacher like writing stories on Google Drive/Docs, posting your creativity work on Blogger sharing your learning with each other and the world! It has helped me a lot this year......

When it comes to maths my teacher Mr. S helps me solve maths problems and also signs me up for a learning site, (Xtramath and Maths Whizz). I really love my basic facts! Every day we had to do Xtramath. It takes about 5 mins to finish your daily Xtramath! Maths whizz is like the same but we do it for 20 mins every day and it shows you on maths whizz teacher dashboard what you have improved!

Me and my classmates had discovered a learning tool. We thought it would be a good idea hopping into Mine craft and build many things for our learning. It was about term 2 and 3 we have been using Mine craft as our learning tool! For the topic in term 3 was Myths,Legends and Fables. We had to create buildings of temples or some fairy tale characters.


  1. Wow that's quite a big reflection. It might be longer than mine, your a great writer Vaifoa.

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  3. Hi Vaifoa, you have done a great job. Mr S was my teacher 2 years ago, and he is an amazing teacher. Did you enjoy your maths teacher Mr S?


  4. Hi Vaifoa,

    I liked how you wrote a big net book reflection for 2013 I enjoyed it very much so keep up the good work. :D