Thursday, April 18, 2013

Skating At Rainbow Lake

Skating at Rainbow Lake

Laughed, Gliding ,Raced,Swerved, Groaned ,Whirled, Twirled ,Skated, Hobble,Puffed ,Grinned, droved.

One snowy morning in this cold day of winter, me, Dad, Jimmy, mom went out skating at rainbow lake. Gliding and Laughing I skated in the wonderful lake with a smile on my face. I practice my twirling and my whirling but suddenly I bumped into my Dad and he fell down and broke his leg.

Then Jimmy and I helped him up and put him on the sled and pushed him up the mountain and pushed him again down it. Dad groaned out loud, “Aggg” He had a little rest until he was all better.

After a while dad was feeling better again. Then we raced back to the lake and state again. Dad started to hobble in one leg and skated happily. Jimmy and I was really excited that we fell and laughed. We were all puffed up when we went home after that.

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  1. Hey Vaifoa,
    I like your writing. Theres a mistake and I can't understand what "Jimmy and I was really excited that we fell and laughed". I enjoyed reading your piece of writing.

    From Henry