Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Year 5 student

Hi my name is vaifoa and I am a year 5 student and
I go to point England school.                  
Later on im going to get my Netbook home.

I can't wait to be back at school. Because
I like playing with my freinds and having
so much fun. School is a place that kids
learn stuff from the teacher.

I really enjoy playing sports but most sports
I like is soccer. Sports are really fun and
cool because you can use your legs instead of your
hands, but unless you are goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has to protect his
teams goal while the other team tries to score. There are two teams and two goal

I am still trying to improve my reading age because I read good but not well enough
I am reading a lot of books now learn more by reading.

We looked around the stardome, then we went inside it. The Stardome is a
place to learn about space. First of all we have to have our morning tea After we have entered

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