Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out of this world

Awesome, we are learning about space !!! so cool

On Tuesday when school started we were at the hall and Mr Burt Introduce our topic for this term. Also Mr Burt told us about Maui ‘s great great great Grandma when they came to New Zealand where we live right now.

My favourite Item was team two their rap was a great rap and its lovely. It was so perfect that they danced In the front of us. Their rap was about space like the sun and other planets.

This year I want to learn more about astronauts and how they fly in space and they can put their plate stuck on them. The planet I liked Is the Sun and Earth. Alot of people always go out of this world to have fun and to learn more about space too.


  1. Hello Vaifoa! I think you're going to learn a lot this term about things that are out of this world! It's great that you told us in your writing why you liked the items at assembly. Well done.

  2. Your writing has improved so much. You have full stops and capital letters. And your writing has been improving.