Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice cream comets

Room 13 made comets with ice cream cones crackers and sprinkles for the rocks.

“Quick quick I need a cone, it’s icy and cold. Ahhhhhh that's nice. Thank you Whaea Janeille.”
Whaea Janeille is our teacher that helps us to put the cone on our ice cream and she also got a tissue for our dirty hands.

Sprinkles, I like sprinkles they are colourful like a rainbow. Yucky and sticky, I am shaking from the cold.

Crunch crunch, crunch that was a delicious ice cream. “Can I have another one?” I shouted. But I did’t want it to put it my hands again.

Dusty rocks and gas were super nice and cold. They looked like realistic comets. I was licking my lips as I finished my comet.

It was a good day with cold ice cream comets. “Awesome’’ I was felting excited with the ice cream cone because it was yummy. Having left over sprinkles I was eating ice cream with alot of sprinkles on it as well. We spend our whole after noon eating ice cream too. My stomach was giggling like it was jelly in side it. The cone was delicious


  1. Vaifoa your writing has improved very fast because I was reading your other writing you did in February which was about your holiday and it wasn't cool like this one. Your sentence beginnings has improved the most.I enjoyed reading your story Vaifoa.From Uili

  2. Hi Vaifoa,

    I can see a huge difference in your writing. Your spelling's improving as much as your vocabulary. All the sentence beginnings are better than the February stories. Be sure to visit my blog soon.