Thursday, August 16, 2012


On a hot sunny day, room 15 and Mr Marks had been cooking sizzling sausages this week. First we started chopping some onions. I watched some kids crying when they chopped it. It was fun!!!

Next Mr Marks began to use the onions and the sausages to put it on the grill. We can all smell the delicious and crispy sausages coming out of it. There were stacks of logs sitting on the top and it looks yummy. The onions was cooked too it was like that it was burnt.

We waited impatiently and anticipation. After waiting, Mr Marks told us to grab one napkin and get one piece of cut bread. Next we went and get our delicious sausages and then we waited for our onions and tomato sauce or BBQ sauce. It tasted really good with it .

My favourite part was chopping the onions and waited for the sausages. I saw my friend Faaiua crying and crying but he didn't gave up he went to put water on his eyes so it can get of.

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  1. Nice writing Vaifoa. Great use of the topic words in your writing.