Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Room fifteen are doing basketball for the next eight weeks and we have coaches. Their names were Brooke and Tye. They told us all about basketball skills and tricks that we had to learn. Sometimes it can be really hard for people or it can be a lot easy for most people. Tye helped us with some new basketball techniques. We learned the Jump Stop and the Jump stop pass. It was really easy to learn. Some people struggled to do it but I know that everyone can do it.

After all that tiring techniques we started doing some passings and throwing. I was really tired doing it again. That was really tiring but it was a lot of fun doing the amazing basketball skills with our coaches. I thought it was a little bit hard but I found out it was easy to do. That was a lot of fun training with our coaches. After doing training we said “goodbye” to our coaches and then we went home. I wanted to do it again but maybe next week. It was pretty FUN!!!

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