Wednesday, August 22, 2012


One sunny day Pt. England school had cross country. First we went to get change into our coloured shirts. Our house captain was Starford. We had to drink a lot of water and ate a little bit of food before we went to the start.

It was time to start running. I was really nervous. “On your marks get set GO”!!! said Mr Burt as we all started running. It was really muddy on the way. It was making me slow down but I started to sprint to the front past the bush, walked onto the bridge. As I was up to the muddy puddles I began to feel tired so I slow down for a minute and then began to sprint again. I started to see four people coming past me But I didn’t give up. I was jogging fast. I felt exhausted and lazy.

There were a lot of broken bridges all over the place it was dangerous. I was almost there as I heard the crowd shouting. I was happy. After all that I was huffing and puffing till the end. I was really proud of myself and really tired.

That was fun. It was Amazing!!! I felt really happy about it.

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