Friday, March 13, 2015

Recount Writing

Recount Writing-

Well hello there, In this story I will be writing a recount about my fun and good excursions I've been too with my amazing family. And I will also explain to you what it felt like and what we did!

Droop, droop, droop. The light of the sun shone brightly through my bedroom curtains making my eyes wound. The cold light rain hurtled down towards the window heading towards a rusty old plant thirsting for some water. Without hesitation, I eventually leaped out of my bed and headed over to the living room. As soon as I reached half way through the living room, the smell of waffle pancakes filled my nostrils.

Just then, I saw Mum in front of the oven holding a spatula. “Morning......Mum”, I yawned as I grabbed a chair and had a seat. “Good morning sweetheart, are you hungry?”, she asked. “Yes, I am starving,” I chirped. She chuckled and placed some waffle pancakes onto an old fashioned plate. “Mmm smells delicious”, I mumbled. “Now eat up  while I go and wake up the rest because we are going on an excursion to the cinemas”, Mum said. I nodded and started digging into my scrumptious breakfast.

As soon as I had finished eating my breakfast, I trudged through my bedroom and into my wardrobe and scampered beneath some dirty clothes until I found my black and blue shorts, a white plain old shirt and my very old black and green shoes. Beep, beep, beep ,beep as I noticed it was time to go. I quickly ran through my bedroom door and went towards the car trying to beat my siblings as I wanted to sit in the front seat. Off we went to the cinemas.

My hand gripped the railing of the escalator, lower we went towards the over sized Events Cinemas, I quickly made a dash for the counter as I was so excited to purchase my tickets to see The Maze Runner. “Hey there, what could I get you today?” said the girl in her squeaky annoying voice. “I would like to see the Maze Runner if you insist” I replied. “Sure thing. Here are your tickets.” she said, as I leaned over to grab them. “Thank you ma'am” I replied excitedly. I walked into the entry as I was really excited to watch Hunger Games- The Mocking jay.

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