Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Holiday

                                                                  My Holiday

Hi this is the story about my fantastic holiday. In the holidays I went swimming with my family in mission bay. We packed all our things like sandals, bag pack, spare clothes, swimming gear and other things. I went off jumping up and down on the car seats excited to go on a our trip. 
My sister, my older sister was getting dropped off at the city next to mission bay. She was going there to try out, and competing for the course that she was going to. It was called CUT ABOVE. So then we dropped her off to the nearest building. 

                                               Having Fun!!!

At last we were at the beach in mission bay ready to have some fun! We parked out in the parking area and set up our picnic table. There were a lot of food that we came with for our picnic. I set up the eating space then me and my dad picked up the shady umbrella and had a seat. 
"Ahhh", I whispered as I was relaxed. After a while It was time to go for a swim. "Yahoo" shouted my little twins. We went to the changing area and got changed. Suddenly I went and swam a short way across the tree that was on the side. "Splash splash", my brother splashed on my face and swimmed away. The Fun Continues..........

                                             Time To Eat

After having fun swimming we went back to our picnic spot and ate sandwiches, some Fried chips from the shops that are around mission bay and ate some bits of pizza, Yum! We also had chicken nibbles and Carl's Junior. The pizza was delicious. Then as realized it was time for desert.
 "Yummy yum yum", I said as the ice cream lid went off. Chocolatey flavours were bursting out. It looked crunchy and full of chocolate and vanilla. There were flavoured lime, raspberry, vanilla, banana berry and most were all chocolate. "Ahhh", I was tasting the different flavours there and just went to sleep.

                                              Going Home

"Its time to go home", yelled my mom. Time to go home I thought of it as I picked up the umbrella and packed away the rubbish." Oh no", I mumbled. There was Ice cream all over my shirt when I was having a nap. I was getting rid of the ice cream and hopped back in the car. There was no sound at all just music coming from the front  of the speakers. It was a relaxing time going back home with a nice nap. 


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