Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Karate Kid

Hi today I watch a movie called Karate Kid it had jay den smith and Jackie Chang in the movie. It was amazing. Getting into to my snugly couch with my blanket while my dad went to  buy some popcorn for the movie. We would love to enjoy popcorn while watching. A few minutes later my dad came in with some delicious popcorn ready to eat. We sat down and watched it when my mom went to pack'n save.  The moment has started as the lights went off excited to watch. Then all these words came up when the movie started it was the presenting! Then the credits of the movie stars were showing. After the credits finished the excitement came and I was really happy. It was showing the day when Jay-den Smith was with his mom learning how to put his jacket on the hook and when he was having breakfast.

                       The Movie Continues..........

After a while it was going to the best part when he was going to china and fight some Chinese kids from his school that he went to. Then he realises that he wanted to be join Karate. He went to school with his skateboard holding cart's on his way to pull while riding there. Suddenly he was at school meeting new people and teachers there as he was all alone.
After his school finished he ended up with the mean kids that bullied him over chasing him around the building and all over the place. He ran towards the gate but it was locked so he climbed over as soon as possible. Then it was a dead end. He had no where to go. After the mean kids from school found him. They punched him and hurt him then after a man came out and give them a lesson. His name was Jackie Chang. With his nice skills he punched then until they fell in those buckets.


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