Friday, July 12, 2013

My Narrative Writing, Bulky Dog and Marsh Mellow Man

Intro: Hi this is a narrative story about a walking Murshmellow guy. I will be telling you about some different things and how I'm going to tell about. There would also be some paragraphs that are quiet long and Hope You enjoy:)

  Walking MurshMellow Guy!!!

One misty day Mr. Walking MurshMellow Guy was walking down the Murshmellow road. He see’s a dog that looked like it had steroids. The dog was all mu-sly. “Oh oo”, mumbled  Mr. Walking MurshMellow Guy. Suddenly, the dog came driving in with a Lamborghini and ran him over. Then the dog went driving off and left the squished Murshmellow guy. “Ouch”, said MurshMellow guy. He popped back up and got back into shape and head off. Whistling on the road Mr.MurshMellow guy trembled over a few trip wires. Then he tripped over and there goes a trap. A rope went swinging up and came down a large rock crushing him down. “Not again”, he whispered.

                                         The Bulky Dog

The night before Mr. Walking MurshMellow Guy got crushed, bulky dog was out there watching through his big red eyes. Bulky dog was a massive dog with muscles on his muscles. He was a grey hound dog in a fear of fright. Bulky dog was a size of a T.V. The scary big bulky dog could bark all the way to London. He was walking across the road to search for some flesh, until he saw the meat man. Meat man was chased by the bulky dog and suddenly ,. . . . . . . . he got eaten. He crushed his bones and ate him alive.

                             Dog Driving Lamborghini. . . . . .

One morning in a stormy night one little MurshMellow kid, was on his way to his house. He was a lonely MurshMellow. He had no friends. He had an enemy, named DOG DRIVING LAMBORGHINI. He was an arch enemy with Spartan eyes. He had big nostrils and very big mouth. He looked around in the same area where the little Murshmellow kid was. Silently, He droved over to him and picked him up from his squishy head and tucked him into a net. The dog driving Lamborghini silently he went walking and caring the net where Murshmellow kid was. The dog rushed him in and trying to eat him, until Mr. MurshMellow man came out on a flash and removed the little Murshmellow kid and ran away.

                                             The Chase!!!

Running in serious trouble, Mr. MurshMellow Guy was running away from the nasty Dog. He chased them on a Lamborghini smashing through walls and running through people. “You will never run away from me”, yelled the dog riding a Lamborghini. “Yes we will”, replied the MurshMellow Guy. Off they went running from the dog. Suddenly Mr.MurshMellow guy and little MurshMellow kid ran past something smart. (IT WAS A TRAP). Then the dog fell down in a horrible fall, he went down into flames burning in larva. “NOOOOO” screaming out in pain, said Doggy in a Lamborghini.

                                   THE END. . . . . .


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