Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Going To The Pools

On Saturday afternoon me and my family went to the pools in Mangere to have a nice time there because it was a hot day. We packed all our swimming gear and and a nice refreshing swim. I decided that I would bring my goggles and some lunch. We made sure that we had everything. Until we headed off to the pools it got boring and boring when it was the car ride. "NO!!", I shouted I was bored and so relaxing.

After a while we were so bored until I saw the Mangere pool sign. "Yay!!!", I yelled over my brother. We suddenly ran into the money collector and pay the pools that we were going in. It was really exciting. My mum picked the spar and the bombing pool. Then we went and changed in the changing rooms. After I went to put  on my goggles and hopped in the pools. "AHHHH!!!", I said as I was relaxed.

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