Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[Health] - "Well being Model" (Treasure Chest)

Greetings and welcome to my new blog post! Throughout this term in Health with Miss Dougherty, we've mostly been learning about the four dimensions of our well being, which is well known to be Spiritual, Social, Physical and Mental/Emotional. Today we've taken a step further towards our learning object. Our task was to figure out what model would we be able to create that would best suit you... as an individual, or what you prefer to have. The model would consist of the dimensions that you think is important to you in your life. As you can see on the image above, I've created a Google Drawing that indicates what I've come up with, and I've chosen to do a "Treasure Chest" - which longs to be underwater. This treasure chest represents what I find quite important in my life... to store them in a safe place. I decided to create a treasure chest because I think that it could symbolise something that I adore most... my treasures - by treasures, I don't mean like actual treasures, it's the gifts and potential to do something special for others. It'll also symbolise my family, to keep hold of what's very important in life for me.

The dimensions that I have used within the image above is...

Physical - because being physically active is what I enjoy and it is my passion to keep fit, which can lead to having a career in the future of playing Football/Soccer.

Spiritual - because I admire my religion... going to church is very important in life for myself and my family, it's part of my culture to attend every service of church. Music has also affected my spiritual well being because it is something that I find really relaxing and comfortable.

Social - because well for me... every once in a while, I get quite bored of doing nothing, if there were to be nothing fun in the world to do. Socialising with others allowed me to enjoy life, as I love meeting other people and getting along with them. It also allowed me to be creative... to design things and be me because that is what I love doing in life - 'be creative to seek a whole new world in need to be encountered.'

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  1. I love your creation Vaifoa, this clearly has a lot of meaning to you. I like how you have really thought about your personality and your life and how to reflect this as a picture. You have used the Hāuora model to help you, but explained in a different way, which is great, and I have learnt a couple of new things about you! Where did you find the quote? Reminder it is important to reference anyone you quote. Looking forward to the next post, Miss D :)