Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[DigiTech] - "Basic Platform Game"

My E-portfolio is going to be used to visually showcase the work that I will be doing in technology this year. My blog will be used to reflect on my learning in technology. The Year 10 DigiTech Google+ Community will be used to collaborate with other students about the work that we complete in DigiTech.

We will be developing a game relating to "Sustainability." We have been trialling a game to learn new skills in Scratch.

Here is "The Basic Platform Game" I've re-crafted for my ICT project.

PLEASE read the instructions before you start or else, you will find this game very difficult and might rage at some point within the game. Always remember to stay calm... "Please do not hesitate"

1. Click the "Green Flag" to begin...
2. Use the arrow keys to move the sprite around
3. Press the spacebar on your keyboard to jump
4. The Red coloured object indicates "Next Level"

I recommend you do not intend to HACK this game :D

- Don't run into the blue area because YOU WILL DIE!

- The green structure (grass) within the game allows you to jump on them as an object that allows you to have gravity.

- Be careful to not go through the gaps, always remember to JUMP!

HINT: Read the titles carefully to complete some levels within the game!

"Take It Slow" GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

 Music: Alan Walker - Force [NCS Release]
    Three skills I've learnt in Scratch:
    • Coding/Making scripts
    • How to make a sprite
    • How to create backdrops

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