Thursday, February 5, 2015

The First Day Of School!

On the 2nd of February, on a Monday morning...I woke up with a great big yawn “AHHhhh.” Without hesitation I quickly hopped out of bed and walked towards my bedroom door. “Hello Son, how was your sleep?” dad said as he poured some milk inside a bowl with ultra grains. I politely then replied, “It was good.” I continued on walking to the nearest chair and sat down. *Nom Nom Nom* As soon as I had finished eating, I quickly ran towards my wardrobe and looked at the time...I noticed that the time was 8:10. I swiftly tried to look for my uniform and as I got deeper I eventually found it.

I made my way through the door as fast as I could trying to get to the front passenger seat. Meanwhile, we drove along the heavy rain trying to get past the other cars. Finally we made it just the right time for school assembly. This assembly was no ordinary assembly, it was an assembly about where our class will be so I tried to listen carefully which class i’m in. Just then, Mr Burt (our principal) eventually said, year 8’s may leave as I trudged to the intermediate block.

As I entered the intermediate block, Mrs Telea (our team leader) said we had to welcome the year 7’s to this area. Therefore, we moved up to give up some space for the year 7’s to sit. The year 7’s had eventually arrived and we welcomed them with a song. “He Honore.....” we sang proudly. 5 minutes later...our names were called out (which class we were in.) “Vaifoa-Room 5” said Mrs Telea as I respectfully stood up and walked towards my classroom. As I attended class, we started off by introducing ourselves to everyone including our teacher (Miss Peato.)

After we had finished introducing ourselves we had to work on art. For our art we drew portraits of ourselves and included in some shading in it. Miss Peato said we had to only sketch, no colors or anything just sketching and shading so I followed the instructions. Later on that day, it was time to go back home. I packed up my belongings and packed away my portrait and finally went home.

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