Thursday, February 19, 2015

Holiday Recount Writing Mr Wiseman Litracy

One mild morning, sun shining bright through my bedroom curtains, making my eyes wound. Without hesitation, I carefully leaped out of bed and ran towards the bathroom to brush my teeth. I twisted the door knob and rushed into the bathroom sink.

Just then, I walked through the living room and to the kitchen. I swiftly grabbed  the cup of milo and had a little zip. As soon as I had finished, I eventually went into my wardrobe and rummaged beneath some dirty old clothes until I found a bright red and dull black uniform.

Meanwhile after I settled on my uniform, I made my way for the car trying to beat all my siblings as I really wanted to sit in the front seat. “Off to the beach we go!”, I yelled as the engine of the car started to roam. With my back pushing against the soft comfortable chair,I pressed the “Play” button on the radio and listened to some music as the car drove along.

As the car pulled over to a nearby parking lot, I swiftly packed all of my swimming gear and our picnic too. I wandered over to the beach looking for a quiet and cooled area to sit at since the weather was 24°C. After a few minutes later...I finally found a place to sit and chill off for the school holidays. “Ahhh.....”, I yawned as the tide came rushing in towards my feet. It is time for picnic and my mother came in with the scrumptious yummy picnic. “That’s mine!!!!!!!! Gimmie”, everyone yelled as they grabbed a handful from each plate and bowl.

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