Monday, May 12, 2014

The Call Of The Conch

REMEMBERING - What are the facts

1. Make a list of the events where the conch shell is blown.
A. Fiafia
B. Ceremonies
C. Sporting Events
D. Weddings
E. (Other Special Occasions & Evening Prayer Time )

2. Why did Iakina bury the conch shell in the sand?
So that the ants and other insects can remove any traces of rotten flesh.

UNDERSTANDING - Show that you understand the information

3. Choose 5 words from the article that are new, difficult or interesting to you.
Write down a dictionary definition for each word and then use each word in a sentence to
show you understand the meaning.

1. Encrusted-Encrusted mobile phones are not part of the plan.
2. Barnacles-One discovery includes something that may be a stalked Barnacle.
3. Growth-The Growth of the apple tree died.
4. Inhabitant-The only difference is whether your inhabitant is beneficial or not.
5. Brittle-This part of the mountain was covered in very fragile, Brittle lava.

APPLYING - Using what you read in the article

Design a poster for tourists to Samoa describing the use of the conch shell and what it means.
A poster should have an eye catching title, information in bullet points, and illu cvstrations
Screenshot from 2014-05-07 16:15:20.pngScreenshot from 2014-05-07 16:10:40.png

ANALYSING - Organising information from the article

Make a FLOW CHART titled The Call of the Conch to show the steps in making a conch.
This is a good activity to help you sort through and remember the information in an article.

CREATING - Coming up with new ideas

Design some other uses for conch shells both in the Pacific islands and here in New Zealand.
Use drawings and labels to explain your interesting ideas.

Screenshot from 2014-05-12 09:43:10.png

EVALUATING - Seeing both sides

“People should be allowed to use the conch shells for other things”
Make a chart and list your reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with this statement.

I agree with this statement because……..
A conch shell is well known from the pacific islands, and it is used for many equations. Most people hasn’t touched or blown a conch shell before and they might like to try it out.

I disagree with this statement because……..
I don’t disagree because the conch shell can be useful to others that might need a conch shell for some special celebrations.

A well written article should use some sort of hook to grab the reader’s attention, it should be
written in an interesting way, it should be well organised so that the reader knows where the
article is going, and it should wrap-up what has been said at the end.

Do you think this article was well written? Yes
Was there a hook in the introduction? Hook : Rate 10-10
Was the information written in an interesting way? Writing style : Rate 8-10
Was the information well organised in clear sections? Organisation : Rate 9-10
Was there an effective conclusion? Wrap-up : Rate 7-10

Give a reason for each of your ratings.

I gave a 10-10, 8-10, 9-10 and a 7-10 because this article inspires me to learn how to blow or make a conch shell and it also inspires me to read.

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