Monday, May 19, 2014

Sound Explanation

For inquiry this term, we are studying “sound”. This explanation will explain sound. Sound is a vibration that travels through the air, as sound waves and into a person’s or animal's ear. For example, when someone taps on a table it makes sound and that sound goes through a persons eardrum and then it is transferred by your brain. Then the human brain which then says : I’d recognize that sound!

For example, sound waves are like the tiny waves, or ripples, that people make on water after someone throws a stone or any object into the pond. Both ripples and sound waves start in one spot and then travels out in all directions. (The sound starts from our vocal cords which vibrates and goes through the bottom of a cup and vibrates through the string to another persons ear)

If there was no sound in our world and we've been muted, it would be boring. Visualize that if we can only use sign language to communicate with each other and we can never speak, it won’t be fun and enjoyable. That is why sound is very special to us.

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